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Red Hood Is Getting One Real Chance to Kill Joker Forever in DC Canon

It appears as though DC is preparing to give the Red Hood the closure from The Joker that the character’s fans have been wanting to see for 34 years.

It was 34 years ago that the A Death in the Family arc would take place in the Batman comics. It was from this arc that the title character’s Robin at the time, Jason Todd, would die at the hands of The Joker via a crowbar beating followed by a warehouse explosion. His death in the comics would remain permanent until 2004’s Under the Red Hood storyline. Over 15 years after his death, a far more hard-edged, angry Jason Todd rose back from the dead as the Red Hood, adopting his killer’s former pseudonym while maintaining a vicious hate for the man. Jason Todd never truly got closure from the Clown Prince murdering him. The closest he ever got to closure is in The Three Jokers where Red Hood kills The Joker, but that story isn’t official DC canon.

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DC Comics seems to be fixing to rectify this considering the new solicit info for The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #2 by Matthew Rosenberg and Francesco Francavilla, which releases on November 1st. As seen on League of Comic Geeks, this confirms that, following Task Force Z, Jason’s new mission is to hunt and kill Joker. However, what’s perfect about this set-up is that there are now two Jokers, as a second impostor (or clone, or he’s the real one, or etc.) is seemingly at large. That means Jason can actually kill ‘the Joker’ and have it stick forever without DC losing one of its most iconic characters.

Not killing The Joker has always felt like the one thing stopping Red Hood from reaching the natural progression that he’s destined for as a character, specifically in terms of recovering from his trauma. It would feel fitting given how he’s carved an entirely new identity rooted in his hate for The Joker, but because Joker himself is so closely rooted into Batman’s lore, it was always unlikely that DC would ever be willing to pull that trigger. That’s what made Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, and Brad Anderson’s Three Jokers miniseries so satisfying for Red Hood fans. In that story, there are literally three Jokers, and it’s stated in the story that there always has been. Red Hood being written to kill one of these Jokers (specifically the one who killed him years ago) gave the character the biggest ounce of character development he’s received in over a decade. Unfortunately, it all proved for naught as the story as a whole is non-canon.

The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing, however, is canon. Duplicating the groundwork of Three Jokers by having Red Hood finally kill The Joker (at least a version of The Joker) presents unlimited possibilities for Jason’s character development moving forward in canon. Above everything else, it allows DC a way to progress the Red Hood character without having to disrupt the status quo of Batman comics or permanently kill their biggest villainous cash cow. Fans of Jason Todd looking for catharsis can read as Red Hood potentially kills The Joker in The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #2, available in stores starting November 1st, 2022.

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Source: League of Comic Geeks

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