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Robert Downey Jr. Let his kids shave his head, and there’s a video

Robert Downey Jr. isn’t afraid to take a chance on becoming one of the characters he takes on; his roles in it Chaplin And the tropical thunder prove that. As Downey Jr prepares for his next role, Avengers The actor decided to allow his children to participate in this event. They participated in RDJ’s physical transformation by shaving his head. Viewers would suspect this would happen if there was no video to show the process.

The former MCU star took over His Instagram account To share a sweet moment between him and his children. Robert Downey Jr. is set to begin production on the HBO Max series sympathetic. Of course, becoming a character is a mental and physical transformation. Playing the role of a prisoner of war is no different, but he did involve his young children in his physical transformation. RDJ decided to let his kids shave his head for his next role. Check out the video to see how things played out as the movie star’s kids used various tools to give their dad a bald head.

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