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Saw As A G-Rated Movie Still Isn't Completely Kid Friendly

The Corridor Crew edits the Saw franchise to make it G-rated. The Saw franchise kicked off in 2004 with the original film, which was the movie that put director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell on the map. The movies follow the Jigsaw killer, a man who puts his victims into elaborate, painful traps they are meant to escape while enduring immense pain. While the Jigsaw killer met his demise early on in the franchise, the movies have persisted through his disciples, who have taken up his cause and continued to subject people to maniacal traps.

The franchise has seen nine films to date, with the first six sequels being released annually every October before the series took a break after 2010’s Saw 3D. After seven years, the Saw franchise returned with Jigsaw, which was then followed by Spiral, a spinoff of sorts that focused on a copycat killer. Now, the franchise is set to continue with Saw 10, which will bring back star Tobin Bell. The Saw movies are known for horrifically brutal and gory sequences, earning their R ratings by making viwers uncomfortable watching them.

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The VFX artists of Corridor Crew took on the absurd task of editing the Saw movies to give them a family-friendly G-rating. Tackling some of the franchise’s most heinous moments, like pulling a fishing hook up through someone’s throat and the infamous reverse bear trap, they set about editing the violent content out of each scene. So now, instead of a hook in someone’s throat, the character is wearing a clown nose while pulling a string of colorful handkerchiefs out of their mouth, and the reverse bear trap was turned into a device to force kids to brush their teeth. However, even with these scenes edited down, the grim world of the films still makes their G-rated nature questionable. Check out Corridor Crew’s G-rated Saw above.

The Saw films are known for their visceral violence, which many audiences can’t stomach. However, the films have a dedicated fanbase, which eagerly awaits the twisted traps each character finds themselves dealing with in each new installment. Saw even helped usher in the term “torture porn,” which are movies where extreme violence plays a central part. So with the films being so heavily violent and gritty, editing them to anything below an R-rating is an arduous undertaking.

While the Corridor Crew made a valiant effort, the twisted nature of the Saw films still proved a bit much, as even with the alterations, it was stated that some parental guidance would be needed to explain the content within. Therefore, some members of the crew deemed the edits as PG-rated at best, with the content simply too aggressive and bleak for younger viewers. So while Saw is continuing on as a violent R-rated franchise, the Corridor Crew has proven the films are too intense to be edited down to a G-rated movie.

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Source: Corridor Crew/YouTube

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