Shadman Arrested, What Did Shadman Do?

Who Is Shadman?

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Shadman, a popular pornographic artist and YouTuber from Switzerland, has allegedly been detained for aggravated assault with a lethal weapon. In the internet community, Shaddai Prejean, 31, is also known as Shadbase or Shadman. He is well recognised for his illustrations of characters like Elastigirl and Loli. Shadman established his website, Shädbase, and Newgrounds accounts in 2009; his YouTube account was established in 2010. Since starting his internet profession, he has been acquiring a cult following and making friends online. Despite the fact that he gained notoriety for his paintings, he remains important in Internet culture. Shadman is hardly the only YouTuber causing controversy.

Shadman Arrested

Shaddai “Shadman” Prejean was recently detained for using a “deadly weapon” in an assault. On November 12, a few tweets claimed that the Swiss YouTuber Shadbase had been detained close to Glendale, California.

According to the charge sheet posted on Twitter, Shadman was detained late at night on October 23 after allegedly committing a felony assault. But soon after, he was freed on bail; the sum of the posted bail is still unclear.

What Did Shadman Do?

Yoseline Hoffman, a YouTuber who slut-shamed a young rape victim, was detained for child porn in July of this year. Shadman claimed in 2019 that the drama he had to go through had led him to decide to stop creating loli and pornographic art. But according to a recent statement by a Twitter user, that may not actually be history “Shadman was detained for Assault with a Deadly Weapon in Los Angeles. Goodbye, I say.” The user also shared the arrest documents.

Shadman News About Allegations

According to the website Technotrenz, Shadman based his illustrations on real young girls. Additionally, they stated that he had based 34 of his pieces of art on his mother.

Four years ago, Dafne Keen’s attorneys briefly took down Shadman’s website after allegations that he had sketched the 12-year-old Logan star inappropriately.

A social media follower reportedly asked Shadman to depict YouTuber Keemstar’s underage daughter inappropriately with former US President Trump during the 2016 election campaign. Keemstar allegedly threatened to contact the police after that.

Over the years, many people have condemned Shadman’s artwork, but very few have defended it.

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