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Sister Wives' Christine's Best Full-Body Instagram Pics After Weight Loss

Each of Kody Brown’s spouses on Sister Wives have struggled with their weight, but Christine Brown has worked on herself for years to change her bad habits. The mother of six was the stay-at-home mom for the family and devoted herself to her children. Now it is finally her time to focus on herself and her wellness.

While Christine has always been a fan favorite among Sister Wives viewers, they could often tell that she was not thrilled with her body; after giving birth to six children, she spent years at home nurturing them and making a home. While living in Lehi, Utah, there was little time for any of Kody’s four wives to keep themselves in shape since he usually had them running ragged thanks to his strange ideas. But over the last few years, Christine has become more independent, scaring Kody and delighting Sister Wives fans.

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Christine has never looked better as she stepped out for the family occasion of the year, sharing her fabulous photos on Instagram. Christine isn’t speaking to Meri or Robyn, but Kody’s third wife has always been close with Janelle and her children, and never thought twice about not showing up to Logan’s nuptials, especially after working so hard on her new body. The navy blue dress looked absolutely perfect on the Sister Wives blonde, and Sister Wives fans are hoping to see an upgrade in her fashion style soon.

Christine stepped out in this purple jogging suit, showing that she’s ready for a full-body weight-loss transformation just like Janelle. Sister Wives fans loved seeing that the mother of six was taking her exercise and health regime seriously. Christine shared with fans that she was working on a 21-day challenge that was meant to help her immune system and boost her metabolism. Sister Wives fans are loving how great Christine is doing, as her healthy new lifestyle is having a hugely positive effect, as evidenced by Christine’s mega-watt smile in this picture.

Sister Wives viewers first noticed Christine looking better than ever in this stunning post in which she’s wearing a bright red sweater, which complements her blonde hair. She shared with her followers that she was making a conscious effort to make better decisions about her health and well-being. The positive choice clearly worked for her as she has never looked better. Despite her split, Christine won’t leave Sister Wives, and fans are thrilled because they find her so inspirational. Eat your heart out, Kody.

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Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on TLC.

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