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Skyrim: How to Sell Stolen Items

The primary way players can sell stolen items in Skyrim is by doing business with Fences. A Fence is a Thieves Guild member who, unlike ordinary traders and merchants, will readily buy contraband from the player. However, the drawback is that the guild will take a cut from the earnings, meaning the player will lose a small percentage of the profit. In the beginning, Fences will only carry 1,000 gold, but as players perform small jobs and quests for the guild, their buying power for stolen goods grows.

To join the Thieves Guild in Skyrim, speak to Brynjolf in Riften. Players can find him wandering the market during the day or in the Bee and Barb tavern at night. After successfully entering the guild’s hideout and becoming a member, players can speak to Tonilia the Fence to sell their stolen goods.

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As an official Thieves Guild member, players can also do business with other Fences populating the world beyond just selling their stolen items in Skyrim to the Fence inside the Thieves Guild itself. However, keep in mind that prerequisite quests must be completed before these Fences will buy stolen goods, whether the player knows they are a Fence ahead of time or not:

This next set of Fences buy stolen items only after players have completed the “City Influence” quests from Vex and Delvin Mallory:

Alternatively, players can sell stolen items in Skyrim to pretty much any merchant they want once the Speech Tree’s Fence Perk has been activated. However, this perk will likely be unlocked much later in the game, as it requires Level 90 Speech, including all its prerequisite perks. Since players can just make a beeline to Riften once starting a new game and join the Thieves Quest at level one, people looking to sell stolen goods in Skyrim will likely want to do it that way first.

There are no shortages of great locations to steal goods in Skyrim, but players looking for the absolute best location to rob should check out the video from Aarron Shaw above, which shows a home in Markarth that’s just asking to be looted.

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