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Spy x Family introduces Forger’s Furriest to the anime’s comeback

Spy x Family is back, and despite it’s been a busy fall season for anime thanks to the series’ comeback My Hero Academia, Mob Psycho 100, Mobile Suit GundamAnd more, the 2022 anime hit the ground floor with the introduction of a new Forger for the series. While Bond Forger, the first dog to join Loid, Yor, and Anya on their spy mission, only received a brief show during the first sessions, the adorable cartoon dog has officially made landfall in the latest new episodes.

The last time we left Forgers authoring the anime, Anya had done the impossible and joined the student body at Eden College, although gaining admission was only a small part of the mission master spy Twilight designed to prevent two warring nations from destroying the world. With Anya recently awarded a “Stella,” a coveted award at the prestigious Academy, Lloyd and Yor decided to celebrate the search for a family pet, with the little Telepath unable to find a furry friend either at the pet store or adoption event. Fortunately, a giant terrific hound was able to catch Anya’s attention, but what the young student doesn’t realize is that Bond has been sealed in a terrifying plot by Austan rebels looking to use trained hounds as their bomb-carrying weapons of destruction.

the official Spy family x A Twitter account shared the big news that the thirteenth episode of the anime is now available to watch on Crunchyroll, with this latest release featuring Furry Forger who holds his own dark secret between the telepath, killer, and spy who make up the anime clan:

Like Anya, Lloyd and Yor, Bond keeps his own secret that makes him the perfect addition to Forgers, as the lovable dog possesses the ability of “clairvoyance,” which means dogs can see into the future. Of course, given how wandering the family dog’s mind is, it unexpectedly leads Anya into more problems than she originally expected. Although Bond has not officially joined the Forgers yet, there should be no spoiler, given his role in the final subject, that the dog will be a major part of the anime going forward.

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