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Spy x Family New Season 1 Begins to End: Watch

Spy family x Returning to screens with new episodes as part of the opening week of a new upcoming anime over the fall 2022 anime schedule, the mid-season premiere has revealed a new final theme sequence for the series! The first anime adaptation with Tatsuya Endo’s original manga series premiered earlier this year and captured a lot of the conversation surrounding the anime world this spring, and now the series is back for the second half of its first season with a lot of new anime now showing their plans for the next few months. .

The new opening theme sequence was previously released for the second half of the season ahead of the series’ return, Spy family x It has now made its official fall season premiere for the Fall season. This means that we were able to not only see the new opening theme in action, but also the new ending theme. The new ending theme is titled “Shikisai” as performed by yama, and you can check out the non-credit version of ED as shared by TOHO Animation below:

Spy family x It’s running again with new episodes, and you can now find the series (with the first 13 episodes of the season) streaming with Crunchyroll. An English dubbed version of the second half of the season will be released later, and Crunchyroll is officially teasing Spy family x As such, “Master spy Twilight is unparalleled when it comes to taking cover on dangerous missions to improve the world. But when he receives the ultimate task – to marry and have a child – he may finally be over his head! No one depends on others, Twilight has worked on it in Get a wife and child for his mission to infiltrate an elite private school. What he doesn’t know is that the wife he chose is a murderer and a child he adopted is telepathic!”

With the series now headlining the franchises back this fall, it’s already off to a huge start as it will be the busiest schedule for the year overall. how do you want Spy family xThe new ED? How does it compare to the first? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also contact me directly about all the moving stuff and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!


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