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Star Wars Visions' Ronin Has a Jaw-Dropping Sith Kill Count

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Star Wars: Visions #1

In the new Star Wars: Visions one-shot from Marvel Comics, the ongoing adventures of the Ronin reveal just how many Sith Lords the lone warrior has killed during his travels. Meeting a fellow traveler who was once a Jedi shogun, the Ronin confirms his mission is one of punishment and penance. As such, his journey seeking redemption for his past has resulted in an impressive kill count.

A former Sith who starred in the animated episode of Star Wars: Visions entitled “The Duel”, the Ronin is a brutally effective warrior existing in an alternate version of the Star Wars galaxy inspired by Feudal Japan. Now, the new Star Wars: Visions #1 comes from original episode writer and artist Takashi Okazaki, continuing the Ronin’s quest to eliminate every Sith Lord he can find following his defection. While he’s turned against his fellow dark-side warriors, the Ronin still wields a red lightsaber of his own while also joined by his droid companion B5-56.

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Following his quick defeat of a band of thieves who absolutely chose the wrong traveler to prey upon, Star Wars: Visions #1 sees the Ronin resting and recovering in a secret hot spring. However, he’s soon joined by a blind old accompanied by his own astromech droid. Reflecting on their lives and respective paths during the war inspired by the canonical Clone Wars, the Ronin reveals just how many Sith Lords he’s killed as penance for his dark past.

Having slain what looks to be just under 20 Sith Lords, it’s remarkable that the Ronin seemingly views his redemption as unfulfilled. Every Sith he’s killed only adds to the pain he believes he deserves as well. Additionally, the Ronin doesn’t show any sign that his mission is anywhere close to being over. For the Ronin, peace is off the table until every Sith Lord has been destroyed or he himself falls in battle.

At any rate, the Ronin expects to fight this shogun who was once this galaxy’s version of Mace Windu, Jedi Master. However, the former Jedi has his own new purpose just like the former Sith does, in search of a secret temple. As such, there’s no need for either traveler to duel each other by the issue’s end as they would have in their old lives. Considering his impressive kill count and desire for redemption, the Ronin has seemingly earned the right to follow his new path in the eyes of the shogun. Star Wars: Visions #1 is on sale now.

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