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The Bachelorette: 10 Most Unfair Eliminations, According To Reddit

Rachel Recchia is the most recent Bachelorette to experience extreme heartbreak after her fiancé Tino cheated on her. Before that was the outcome of hers and Gabby’s season of The Bachelorette, where she made some shocking elimination decisions along the way.

There is only so much of the relationships that the audience gets to see, so while the break-ups and eliminations that happen on the show may make sense in real life, sometimes they seem extremely abrupt and unfair due to the show’s editing.

One of Rachel’s shocking eliminations that came across as unfair was when she sent Tyler home during hometowns week right before going to meet his family. The timing was the worst part about it.

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User 410Nic on Reddit said, “She gave a rose to Tyler for hometowns then wasn’t ready to meet his family? Make it make sense please because I’m struggling.” It seemed pretty unfair to bring Tyler into hometowns week and cancel on meeting his family right beforehand. At least he got to go to them for comfort immediately afterward.

Before the point of sending Tyler home, Rachel Recchia started her Bachelorette season with an early elimination call that seemed surprising and pretty unfair. On night one, she seemed really into Jordan V as he talked to her about his passion of racing. She liked him at least enough to give him her first one on one, but during the dinner portion, she was suddenly unable to go on with the date.

She seemed to be following a gut feeling, but at the same time, it did seem like a quick call to make, especially so early in the process. Jordan may have still been opening up and becoming comfortable. Redditor markyd420 says, “Jordan V deserves so much better. Rachel did him dirty.”

In part one of this season of The Bachelorette, Rachel and Aven’s breakup was one of the hardest parts to watch. It was so uncomfortable to witness what opposite feelings they were having and how they were struggling to find common ground and get on the same page.

Ultimately, Aven was probably more ready to commit than Tino was, even though Tino was more willing to go along with the proposal on the timeline Rachel wanted. Redditor janeblak wonders, “could Aven have proposed and then they just had a long engagement so he could effectively “date her”?” It was unfair to both of them that their story ended too soon.

Another unfair situation and essential elimination concerns one of the men that was originally on Rachel’s side, but made the choice to switch over to compete for co-Bachelorette Gabby Windey and her heart. Shortly after he made this tough call, he caught COVID, and was essentially eliminated to quarantine. As Nkk1027 points out, “they said he’s gone for the rest of the season, and they didn’t even give Gabby the chance to talk to him.”

It was very abrupt and seemed like a strange way to handle one of the men getting sick this far into the season, right before hometowns. Ultimately, it came down to his and Gabby’s connection. If he was one of her top men, they would’ve adjusted things around his health.

In The Bachelorette season before Rachel and Gabby’s, Michelle Young was the one looking for love, and there was one contestant she had to shut down early on, based on some content that Kaitlyn and Tayshia brought to her attention.

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They found notes on how Ryan should proceed on the show, but some fans think this wasn’t necessarily Ryan’s fault, even though it was a little strange and awkward. Redditor coforgeyjahn says, “Michelle’s reaction towards Ryan was a bit unfair. How did they find those notes? Did they go through his stuff? Also it seemed pretty clear that most of those notes were advice from other people.”

Much like the Rachel and Aven break up, Michelle sending Brandon home during her finale was extremely hard to watch. Many feel that Michelle and Brandon were a couple that should have been. Even though she was following her heart, he was absolutely blindsided and heartbroken. Michelle was heartbroken too, because she was very vocal about falling in love with both Brandon and Nayte.

Redditor HolidayAd4875 posted, “WOW that breakup was heart wrenching. Did she let the wrong guy go home??” While it’s not unusual for the show to have emotional breakups prior to the finale proposal, this one just felt more unfair to both of them. There was a lot of real love there and it was hard to see them both hurting so badly.

Even though Thomas has now found his happily ever after with the legendary former Bachelorette Becca Kufrin, his Bachelor Nation journey certainly didn’t start out that great. He was eliminated from Katie’s season very unfairly after the men ganged up on him and he and Katie had a miscommunication about an exchange about whether or not he’d consider being The Bachelor.

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She wasn’t there for the conversation and it seems like it got lost in translation like a bad game of telephone. Redditor guempo123 says, “I feel it’s only human to think “well if this doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll become the Bachelor/Bachelorette and find love in a different way.”

Even though Clare didn’t technically “eliminate” all of the men from her season because they stuck around for Tayshia to takeover, she may as well have. She at least eliminated them as possibilities in her mind from the moment she met Dale. Even though she wasn’t really into her men, she still got really mad at them, resulting in one of the cringiest moments on The Bachelorette.

Clare’s “season” or few episodes was extremely unusual, and many Bachelor Nation viewers were not fans. The way she went about her season was very unfair to all the men involved. As RayvoLove puts it, “Claire gave off a closed ‘don’t bother because I’m in love with someone else (Dale)’ vibe. The chemistry couldn’t even develop.”

This couple is another example of a breakup that wasn’t fair to either person. It’s a mystery why Hannah originally let Peter go from the final three of her season when they clearly had so much chemistry and unfinished business that impacted his following season of The Bachelor afterward. As minxchapman says, “Peter and Hannah should have dealt with their unfinished business before Peter was announced the bachelor.”

She seemed closer to Peter than Tyler, so maybe she was trying to make the last week easier on herself. In an alternate universe, Pete and Hannah really might have made it work and made each other really happy, but at least they both are happy with other partners now.

One of the most controversial decisions in Bachelor Nation history is Becca Kufrin’s decision to send home the man that friends lovingly refer to as “Grocery Store Joe” on night one of her season ofThe Bachelorette.

Joe Amabile might be the most popular night one contestant in the history of the show. One former Redditor lovingly shared what they referred to as a “Grocery Store Joe drool post” in support of him. Fans got attached to his grocery store knowledge and Chicago accent, and he’s continued to win hearts on two separate seasons of Bachelor In Paradise.

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