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The Best Crops For Each Season in Coral Island

Coral Island is shaping up to be a wonderfully colorful and inclusive farming sim with a wide variety of crops. As players improve the island, they’ll unlock more crops to grow, which can then be used as gifts for Coral Island townies, food to increase player energy & health, or be transformed into an artisan good or cooked dish. Some crops are superior to others, however, through a combination of low cost, and high reward.

Not all crops are great for the same reasons. Typically, they’re the crops with the best net income from selling as raw ingredients. However, each crop has a different growing time, alongside unique uses and whether they can be harvested multiple times. All growing times are calculated with the assumption that they are planted on the first day of the season and continually cared for.

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According to CoralIslandWiki, the best spring flower would have to be the poppy, selling at 65g per flower. When turned into honey, its base sell price is 195, making it a good universally liked gift. Sugarcane and soybeans are the best raw crops to sell, with soybeans harvested up to 5 times a month and sugarcane up to 24 times. Potatoes are incredibly useful due to the number of cooking recipes requiring that specific crop and can be used as the necessary vegetable in recipes that call for any vegetable. At the beginning of the game, players should invest in daisies as a cheap, profitable, and highly giftable crop.

Hot peppers prove to be the most profitable crop, capable of harvesting eight times for 35g each. Fruits finally become profitable in summer, with the best choice being the tomato. The tomato is another crop used in a lot of recipes, so it’s important to keep it around. The lily is the best summer flower, making extremely profitable honey in Coral Island. Although not as profitable as tomatoes because of their long growing times, players should also grow radishes, melons, and pineapples due to their high individual sales prices.

Hot peppers continue to be the best vegetable of the season, with blue dahlias taking up the role of the most profitable flower. Grapes are perfect for this season, as turning them into wine gives a base sell price of 780. There are a lot of crops grown during this season that make good gifts or are used for a lot of recipes. Players should make sure to grow some basil, pumpkins, rice, orchids, and sweet potatoes, making fall the perfect season to improve their Farming Mastery Skill.

As expected for the coldest time of the year, there aren’t many crops to be grown in the winter. Those that can be grown aren’t available until town rank C. Out of all three crops available, snowdrop flowers are the most profitable due to their high sell price as honey. Tea leaves are mainly useful to improve the relationship with Raj, but they are grown from wild seeds, making it a simple way to make money.

While growing crops and maintaining the farm are what makes Coral Island a farming sim, there is plenty more to do throughout the day. Players can fish, dive, explore, customize their houses, and more. For players who prefer to spend their days on Coral Island developing a fantastic farm, there are plenty of tools and crops to keep them occupied.

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Source: CoralIslandWiki

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