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The Masked Singer Season 8 Will Celebrate 100th Episode

The Masked Singer will celebrate its milestone 100th episode during its upcoming 90s-themed night. The competition series premiered in the US in January 2019, and ever since, the fans can’t get enough of it. The show has become a massive success, airing two seasons a year on Fox. Not every reality series makes it to 100 episodes, but The Masked Singer has such a strong fanbase that viewers keep coming back every season, even if they weren’t fond of the season that came before. The 90s night episode will see the Lambs from Muppets night go up against two new contestants.

90s night will be exciting for all The Masked Singer fans as they celebrate how far the series has come. The Masked Singer shared a photo on Twitter of the panelists and host next to a cake with a big 100 on it. “It’s a special #TheMaskedSinger evening…” the account wrote. “Our 100th episode and 90s Night kicks off SUNDAY, November 6 at 8/7c on @FOXTV!” In the photo, Robin Thicke wears a peach suit, Nicole Scherzinger wears a bright pink dress, Ken Jeong wears a jacket with a fun 90s pattern on it, and Jenny McCarthy is dressed as 90s icon Gwen Stefani inspired by the singer’s outfit in No Doubt’s music video for their 1995 single “Just a Girl.”

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Host Nick Cannon is dressed in a classic tuxedo with a polka dot scarf and black fedora. The special The Masked Singer cake is silver and purple and decorated with some familiar faces. The Masked Singer season 1 winner, Monster, sits atop the cake as Flamingo stands on the bottom layer. Lemur also stands next to the cake with Banana lying on the bottom. Fans responded to the tweet congratulating the show for making it so far. The special episode will air on Sunday instead of Wednesday because of the World Series airing on Fox.

Fans have mixed feelings about the date change. Some are annoyed they have to wait an extra couple of days to watch The Masked Singer, while others are relieved they won’t experience a repeat of Andrew Lloyd Webber night. The episode unexpectedly aired a week later after a baseball game went over time. Hopefully, the 100th episode will be worth the wait. Panelists, the host, and contestants work hard filming The Masked Singer every season, and it will be exciting to see everyone get to celebrate during the 100th episode. It goes to show just how beloved the series is. Even when they anger fans with controversial contestants or formats they don’t love, they always come back the next season, proving their loyalty to the show.

The Masked Singer is known for its elaborate costumes and crazy antics, so it is bound to do something special for the 100th episode. Maybe some past The Masked Singer contestants will visit the stage, or a panelist will do a special performance like they have in previous season 8 episodes. They may even share a montage of top moments from past seasons, giving fans a look at how far they’ve come. Hopefully, they’ll also have some top-notch reveals for the season, though it’ll be hard to top past The Masked Singer season 8 contestants like Gloria Gaynor. Whatever the show has planned, fans can’t wait to celebrate the special night.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 pm EST on Fox.

Source: The Masked Singer/Twitter

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