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The next novel for this week’s critical role, read an exclusive excerpt

critical role The next novel will be released this week. Penguin Random House has ever been set Critical Role: The Mighty Nein – The Nine Eyes Lucian, A new novel that explores Lucian’s life and his descent into the main villain of The Mighty Nein campaign. Lucien is a great character as three sides of the character have emerged over the course of its path critical role The second campaign. Fans were first introduced to Mollymauk and eventually came to the discovery that he was a fraction of Lucien’s soul that inhabited Lucien’s body after a magical ritual went awry. After Molymoke’s sudden death, Lucian “reclaimed” his body and eventually became the last threat The Mighty Nein faced during their campaign. The new novel by Madeleine Roe, not only serves as a prequel of sorts, explaining Lucian’s past and time with the Gravemakers, but it also fills in the gaps between his appearances during the events of the second campaign.

In an exclusive excerpt provided by Penguin Random House to, Lucien finally secures the magazine that Vess DeRogna took from him, only to encounter an intriguing – and annoying – adventurer named Mighty Nein.

Critical Role: The Mighty Nein – Lucian’s Nine Eyes It comes out on November 1st and will be available at major booksellers.

Lucien froze. Someone was watching. This time when he looked back, he clearly saw the trespasser through her screaming window – a little blue demon with curious purple eyes. There was no doubt that a powerful member of the Nen family was wandering where they did not belong. He was noticing a disturbing pattern.

“Oh, well, look here. A returning visitor.” I laughed it off. “Now, don’t run away, you have a curiosity to gratify, right? I consider you the one who peeked recently. I must thank you, because without your scent, I wouldn’t have been able to follow her.” Lucien quietly stuffed the bangle into his bag. “Now, don’t be upset. I see many things with my own eyes. I was trying to watch this person’s path for a while until you found me. I saw the leads and we turned around. Really shame, all that knowledge and so little understanding. Ah!”

Finally, he took the newspaper and carefully wrapped it together, put it under one arm and smiled at it before turning back into the demon skin. “But now you see that things are set right. Again, I have what you took from me.” It was dark outside, heavy snow obscured the stars.

He thought that these idiots would actually try to stop me. Now the race begins.

He walked towards the open window, and stopped to see again one last time. “To Alpha and Alpha, we’re making our way until we get home.” He laughed again. “Maybe we’ll see you there.”

Annoying, he saw them there.

Seven little flies, hum, sizzle, sizzle. Either the mercenaries calling themselves Mighty Nein have tracked them down or DeRogna has already provided them with a map of the expedition you won’t be joining. A5 was already productive. They encountered a number of vultures among the glowing blue lanes of ruin, adventurers picking up a clean corpse. Enraging him at first, he saw a group of exploiters scratching the antiquities and vaults of the Round Hall, excited about any scraps they could take to the mainland and sell them. But his anger soon turned to a stupor – they didn’t know how close they were to stealing something of incredible value.

threshold top. It was big, bigger than Lucien expected, a polished and flashing gem, two feet wide, hanging from one side in the round ceiling. The hall itself was the main research facility for one of the Somnovem, Elatis. He could feel her dizziness spreading through his fingers and toes as soon as he set foot in the room. By the time Ilates was alive, it was called the “Crucible of Dawn,” as Ayurian citizens volunteered to study and record their dreams.

The crucible of dawn, the crucible of dreams. . . Ilates seemed to walk beside him every step of the way. He wondered if other grave makers could sense it, but if they did, none of them would comment. Lucian could have spent hours wandering the rotunda, where the writings and research of the philosopher himself still stand. The entire A5 location was gorgeous – a long corridor sloping through the ice, the halls filled with a dreamy blue glow, and a mysterious energy flowing through every stone and tile.

But it wasn’t supposed to be such a fun dive, the Tombtakers first sent the foolish, stumbling adventurers into the rotunda and they were promptly interrupted by Mighty Nein. It immediately became apparent to him that DeRogna had left them in the dark about her true purpose of returning to Aeor – everything they knew about Cognouza and Somnovem was gleaned from bits of information, from DeRogna’s mysterious instructions, or from his lips.

Kree had already informed him, in general, of what to expect from the Great Nin. There was a half-tall, disfigured, green-skinned Fjord called Fjord, silent and posture like Zoran. A Cobalt Soul agent also walked among them: Beauregard, a grunting mortal woman with piercing blue eyes, carrying a wand. Even at rest, she was exuding a hostile and impatient air. The group’s blue-horned clown, a slip of something with the sound and behavior of a mosquito, was the one who insisted on spying on them with her magic. The sorcerer of their group was an indescribable, soft-spoken, bearded mortal, draped in a striped scarf and calling himself Caleb. There was also a half-and-a-half in a pink cloak and foam and antler earmuffs – Cree didn’t know this
One’s name – a sight as strange as any that Lucian encountered in the ruins of Eyore. No less unusual was the giant purple-haired wizard, Caduceus Clay, with pale gray fur and an elaborately decorated robe. His ears were long and slightly upturned, pierced, and his nose was elongated and flat like a stag deer. Coarse pink fur lining on his sharp jaw. He carried a crystal-encrusted staff and armor, his frame as thin as his weapon of choice, his alarmingly quiet demeanor, and a frustratingly blank page from a fellow.

Finally, a firm, silent, deceptive woman named Yasha traveled with them. Something about her, whether her eyes or her silhouette, made his brain burn in confusion.

Lucien closed his eyes as the snow continued to fall around him. They came off the A5 unscathed, with the incredibly heavy and unwieldy sill crest strapped to the Zoran’s back. He was moving slowly with her, and as soon as they cleared the rubble, they walked to a lower height of the hills, and settled behind them to set up camp. A thin line of gray smoke mark their location. Lucien turned away from it, and the snowflakes settled on his eyelashes and horns, and in his hair. The cold stopped bothering him. The wind tightened his thick leather coat, but he stood still, his eyes fixed on the vortex of snow over the ice fields. Somewhere out there, the Great Nin was chasing after them.

Tried to take pity. After all, they looked dumbfounded by seeing him. It must be hard to see their friend’s body alive, inhabited by someone they don’t know or love. He decided it was that trauma that saved them all from the confrontation. For now, anyway.

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Reprinted from Critical Role: The Mighty Nein – Lucian’s Nine Eyes by Madeline Rowe and Critical Role. Copyright © 2022 Gilmore’s Glorious Goods LLC. Published by Del Rey, an imprint of Random House, a division of Penguin Random House LLC.


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