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The surprising oral sex scene that Ana de Armas had to perform in the movie Blonde

netflix has released what is on its way to being one of the films of the year. championship Ana de Armas‘Blonde’ is a different autobiography than the one we’re used to seeing in Cinemadirected by fiction Andrew Dominic.

The director wanted to get away from the legendary image of Marlin MonroeAnd his real name Norma JaneAnd delve into all that is behind the lights, luxury and apparent happiness.

In a raw and intense journey through a tunnel of excess, manipulation, and grief, the 54-year-old Australian director has also focused on part of MarilynA life that has hitherto been somewhat taboo.

Monroe He was allegedly sexually assaulted by powerful men at the time, including the then President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy forces Monroe to have oral sex

It turns out that everything happened during a private jet flight. Marilyn She was found collapsed on the floor of the plane after taking drugs and alcohol, and later appeared on the bed of the former US president.

that’s when Kennedywho attends a business call, asked Marilyn Don’t be shy, sticking his hand under the sheets.

MarilynA bit dizzy from the effects of alcohol and barbiturates, he moved his hand, looking away.

But the strongest moment came, according to the movie, Kennedy extract MonroeForced her to have oral sex. Since then, clips of this surprising scene have been shared online.


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