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The timing of Sean Payton’s visit made Saints fans think he had put together a game plan for Week 8

Sean Payton visited the Saints’ facilities last week, and they followed that up by shutting down the invaders. The timing is noticeable.

There have been a lot of jokes being made that New Orleans Saints decided to dress up as Saints in late 2010 for Halloween in the eighth week. This track, where they carried the Las Vegas Raiders to a goose egg and placed 24 points. Sean Payton, not Dennis Allen, was certainly coaching the team, given that the Saints have struggled so hard, notching up just two wins before Sunday’s game.

And while Allen and the team deserve credit for what they were able to do in Week 8, you have to look at the timing of the last visit and wonder…

Does Sean Payton have anything to do with this?

Sean Payton visited the New Orleans Saints facility before the eighth week of destroying the Raiders

Early in the eighth week, Sean Payton stopped. It sure was, “just a visit,” but you are truly Do you think he hasn’t spoken to Allen, Pete Carmichael, the rest of the coaching staff and maybe even some of the key players?

No, Sean Payton hasn’t laid out his game plan for Week 8, but it certainly has something to do with the way the execution looked on Sunday afternoon. Keep in mind that part of his visit is a catch-up, or part consultation, most likely.

He’s worked with Allen, Carmichael, Alvin Kamara and Taysom Hill for several years, and they each had an important role in securing the coveted win on Sunday. There is no need for compliments when you have this kind of relationship, you can jump right into the meaty stuff.

On Sunday, Camara led the team in rushing and receiving, with three total touchdowns. Taysom was behind Kamara at 62 yards with his own 61 yards. Allen and Carmichael’s game plan made this possible, and the players are a perfect fit.

Pete Werner, who was all over the field with 7 tackles, also played a season under Payton in 2021.

There are coincidences, and on the other end of the spectrum, you have events that can be directly linked in causation to other events. Sean Payton’s visit and the Saints’ impressive win in Week 8 stand somewhere in the middle.

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