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These Perfect Finding Nemo & Darla Costumes Win Halloween This Year

This hilarious Finding Nemo costume featuring Darla and Nemo officially wins Halloween this year. Pixar is responsible for creating some of Disney’s most successful animated films, including Toy Story, The Incredibles, and, most recently, Turning Red. Throughout the years, these films have provided laughter and comfort to the millions of fans who enjoy them and introduced several iconic characters. Pixar has an entire lineup of recognizable characters waiting to be recreated into Halloween costumes.

Finding Nemo is Pixar’s fifth full-length animated film and was released in 2003 to critical acclaim. The film follows a neurotic clown fish named Marlin who, with the help of a forgetful fish named Dory, must brave the open sea to find his missing son. While lost, Nemo finds himself captive in a dentist’s office aquarium, where he learns his doomed fate from the other tank members. The dentist has a niece named Darla, a young girl with no regard for her pets’ lives, and he plans on giving her Nemo as a gift. Nemo and the other tank members devise an escape plan to save his life and reunite Nemo with his father.

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This Halloween costume perfectly depicts what could have happened had Nemo not escaped Darla’s grasp. Jesse Puljujärvi, an NHL player, shows off his iconic Darla costume, complete with headgear and messy pigtails. Puljujärvi is alongside another dressed as Nemo trapped in Darla’s fish bag. Check out the hilarious costume below:

While Pixar has had many successful films over the years, Finding Nemo stands out among the rest. The film has a touching message about found family and overcoming one’s limitations that still resonates with audiences today. Additionally, Finding Nemo continues to be one of the most quoted Pixar films, partly due to Ellen Degeneres’s performance as Dory. Her character provides much-needed comic relief throughout the darker portions of the film and is the emotional center for Marlin during his journey. This character was so well received by fans that 13 years after the original movie, Pixar developed a sequel, Finding Dory, exploring the backstory of the amnestic fish.

It is rare for a film to have the kind of cultural reach that Finding Nemo managed when it first premiered almost two decades ago. Finding Nemo exemplifies the best of what Pixar offers, which is why fans still reference these characters after all this time. This perfect recreation of Darla and Nemo is hilarious and nostalgic for fans who grew up with the film.

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