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Ventana Sur, Annecy Set Animation! work in progress

Animation was organized in Ventana Sur along with the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and MIFA Market! Announced five titles in Latin America that will include 2022 works in progress, leading to instability from November 28 to December 28. 2 in Buenos Aires.

The department sponsors feature-length animation projects from Latin America, and since 2020, it has expanded its platform, hosting products from Spain and Portugal.

Brasilian animator Otto Guerra and co-director Tanya Anaya will give the title “Son of a Bitch.” This event is no stranger to Guerra: his feature project “City Of Pirates” was chosen by Annecy Works in Progress in 2017. “The Son Of A Bitch” is considered the most provocative of the group, promising to push boundaries, something Guerra does well. .

Another anticipated selection is “Sultana’s Dream” from Spanish director Isabel Herguera (“La Galina Seiga”), whose talent has been chosen to follow. diverse In 2017. The project is supported by Galician producer-turned-director Cello Loreiro, who recently served as executive producer on the amazing Alberto Vazquez award circuit “Unicorn Wars”.

Sultana’s dream
Courtesy of Ventana Sur

This year, themes range from fantasy and fairy tales to brutality and nostalgia, with additional projects representing Spain, Argentina and Mexico. Themes of adult prostitution and escape from an elderly home comfortably mingle among stories for all ages that promote discussion of gender roles and honor indigenous history.

Choices will be available to guests in attendance, and is a play to showcase Latin America’s growing talent, allowing potential partners, sales agents and distributors to attend shows and network with producers and directors.


Sultana’s dream(Isabel Herguera, Spain, Germany)

Young artist Ines struggles to dream before stumbling upon a book by Bangladeshi writer Rukia Hussain that reveals an alternate world called Ladyland, where women take the lead and men live in seclusion. Fascinated by the story, Ines travels to India in search of the writer and any remnants of her fabled feminist world.

Integrating 2D animation, clipping, and mehendi techniques, “Sultana’s Dream” offers a curated look at gender equality. He borrows the narration from Herguera’s own accounts and marks her first appearance in animation. The project is a fruitful co-production of Loureiro’s Abano (“Decorado”), El Gatoverde Producciones (“Homomaquia”), Sultana Films, Fabian & Fred (“Däwit”) and UniKo Estudio (“Birdboy”) in Bilbao.

“Hanna and the Monsters” (Lorena Aris, Spain, Belgium)

A parallel world that hides a world where monsters roam freely, safe from pesky humans until five-year-old Hana ends up there. Panic spreads as they try to return her to her rightful domain. Along the way, Cyclops and the infamous Gargoyle kidnap her to seal the portal between worlds forever. Yeti, Shee Wolf, Clouset, and Nessie put their differences aside and band together for a complex rescue.

Produced by Barcelona-based Doce Entertainment and Miyagi Films, who also collaborated with David Pispano’s Dalia And The Red Book, along with Belgian production company and animation studio Fabrique Fantastique (“Juul”), the film blends 2D and 3D animation. To bring life to the rich and wonderful characters.

Hanna and the monsters
Courtesy of Ventana Sur

“Kiribati: An Ancient Adventure” (Alejandro Carlini, Marcos Valdivia, Argentina)

On the tail of winning the lottery, but trapped behind the impenetrable doors of a nursing home with utmost security, Yermo, his grandson Luisito and a gang of elderly peers plot to bypass the ruthless grasp of headmistress Dora to help Yermo escape and the cash. On his huge profits and realizing his dreams that may finally bring him to Kiribati.

A star-studded voice led by beloved Argentine singer-actress Rita Cortez (“Relatos Salvajes”) and Pepe Soriano (“Nocturna Side A: The Great Old Man’s Night”) adds vitality to the deeply entertaining narrative. Produced by Carlini, Valdivia, Agustina Salvardi, Argentina Ideas Vegas (“Pintor Magico”) and San Luis Seine, the film uses live 3D animation to bring to life an early cast of characters and backgrounds that transport them from one scene to the next.

“Son of a bitch” (Otto Guerra, Tanya Anaya, Brazil)

Ismail is from the outback in Minas Gerais, where his mother’s prostitution trade made him associate him with the city as a “son of a bitch”. This title becomes weak, and he flees to the city with his dog: an uphill journey follows as he deals with situations that force him to return to the city he had intended to leave for good. The movie was made in 2D, with a raw and gritty illustration.

Produced by Guerra, Anaya’s Otto Desenhos Animados, and Anaya Produções, Lança Filmes (“Megalobox”) handles distribution.

The Son Of A Bitch Still

Son of a bitch
Courtesy of Ventana Sur

Jaguar brand (Victor Mayorga Figueroa, Mexico, Brazil, France)

Mayorga honors Aztec mythology and heritage in the project that follows protagonist Xilacatzin, tasked with fighting darkness with the help of his tight-knit community. During this intense hero’s journey, he will learn to accept himself while respecting tradition, and do his best to save humanity from the evil forces lurking beneath the surface.

The film includes a trailer featuring “Las Abigas,” a group of indigenous musicians and survivors of the 1997 Actel massacre, adding more cultural depth to an already faithful reworking of ancestral traditions.

2D animation techniques and saturated, stunning color palettes that match the cultural richness portrayed throughout the film, add depth. The project was presented in the 2016 animation at Ventana Sur! Pitching Sessions and produced by Mexico’s Ocelotl (“El Que Vendrá”), Bye Bye, Brazil’s Origem Productora (“Meu Tio José”) and Paris-based HeCat Studios (“Hadido And The Red Flower”).

La Marca De Jaguar Still

Jaguar mark
Courtesy of Ventana Sur

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