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Wasp Proves She Has the Most Underrated Powers in Avengers History

Warning: SPOILERS for Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #5Fans may think the most dangerous Avenger is someone powerful like Hulk or Thor, but it turns out that Wasp can be pretty crafty when she needs to be.

The Avengers are in a tricky situation as Dr. Doom has acquired a mystical artifact called the eye of the kraken. He used it to transform some classic Marvel villains such as Venom, Loki, Green Goblin, and even Thanos into monstrous versions of themselves. In order to battle the threats, the Avengers used giant mechanized robots that also became corrupted by the eye of the kraken. Eventually fighting their monstrous natures, the Avengers were able to take most of the villains down.

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However, in Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #5 by Christos Gage, Juanjo Ramos, and Paco Diaz, Dr. Doom siphoned off all the monster energy from the other villains to become a gigantic monster version of himself. In order to fight him, the various mechanized Avengers formed up with Groot, who became like a giant Voltron version of himself. All this was a distraction, though. While the fighting took place, Wasp was able to sneak inside the gigantic Doctor Doom and sever his connection to the monster magic. Dr. Doom then reverted to his regular form and the only reason he escaped being apprehended was because he retreated beyond the Latveria border.

This situation clearly showcases how and why Wasp is so dangerous. Dr. Doom had completely outmatched and outsmarted the Avengers in this situation. He had become superpowered to a gigantic size with monster energy swirling around in this form. It took Groot growing in size with all the Avengers helping him just to be able to combat Doom all by himself. And yet, they still weren’t able to defeat him. It was wasp who was able to shrink down and infiltrate Dr. Doom’s gigantic form that ultimately saved the day.

This situation just showcases that it’s not always the fastest and the strongest that is the most dangerous. Wasp is a scientist, so she’s smart by her very nature. Her ability to shrink down allows her to sneak in to certain places undercover. Plus, her small size doesn’t necessarily mean she can’t pack a punch. She still has stinging abilities as well as flight, which gives her a leg up against someone like Ant-Man, who can’t fly. While some of the other Avengers might seem like more of a threat and draw a lot of attention, Wasp can seamlessly fly around a battlefield and do massive amounts of damage.

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Mech Strike: Monster Hunters #5 is now available from Marvel Comics.

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