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What college football coaches are feeling the heat in Week 10?

Tom Allen, Indiana Hoosiers. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Brian Harsin’s presence in Auburn brings him to the six Power Five jobs available in college football.

Not all college football jobs are created equal, but each program has a certain standard to meet.

After seeing five Power Five positions open before the halfway point, it was quiet, and very quiet, in the front of the hot seat at first. Then, John Cohen left Mississippi for Auburn and fired Brian Harsin on the spot. However, we should expect more than just Arizona State, Colorado, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Wisconsin and now Auburn to name new full-time coaches this off season.

Here are five names to watch as we approach the final month of the 2022 regular season.

College Football Hot Bench Hour: Who’s feeling the heat entering Week 10?


Tom aline

Indiana Hoosiers (3-5)

Not to say Indiana would, but Tom Allen’s Hoosiers are losing five in a row now

a look. Someone should have been number 5 this week. The Louisville Cardinals won from Scott Satterfield three times in a row. And although the Northwest wildcat has succumbed to the Nebraska flu, it hasn’t knocked out Pat Fitzgerald. While Indiana can still achieve eligibility for the championship, the Hoosiers have lost five straight games under Tom Allen. Only Northwestern has been worse lately in the Big Ten.

Indiana is still very much a basketball school, but the Hoosiers would have made an expanded College Football Playoff if that was a thing in 2020. Obviously, this season with Michael Benicks Jr. in the middle has been an anomaly. While expectations aren’t too high in Bloomington, there’s a chance the Hoosiers won’t win a game for the rest of the season. 3-9 Allen may assign his position.

Indiana has to play Pennsylvania State, Ohio State, and Michigan State in a division, as well as host rival Purdue.

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