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What’s new on Netflix: Week of new shows and movies starting October 31

This week’s list of what’s new on Netflix shows that the horror villains have been defeated — for now. Yes, as we head into November, Netflix is ​​back to normal, with a slew of licensed shows and movies, a funny-looking new original series, the return of the canceled NBC show and a sequel starring a cast of its biggest shows.

Yes, while Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill haven’t spent much time thinking about Stranger Things Season 5 and The Witcher Season 3 gossip (and news that Season 4 of The Witcher is replacing Cavill with Liam Hemsworth), the two found time to work on Enola Holmes 2. The story this time sees Enola (Brown) stand out on her own at a new investigative agency, only to find that people think she’s too young. Of course, she has her own case–and it just so happens to be intertwined with that of Sherlock (Cavill).

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