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Albert Pujols potentially puts the St. Louis Cardinals back to bed

Despite a successful final season with the St. Louis Cardinals, baseball legend Albert Pujols has officially submitted his retirement papers.

Albert Pujols has definitely surprised even Cardinals fans .270 / .345/ .550 With 24 home runs in his final season, he played a daily role in the St. Louis lineup by the end of the year. This has led some fans and analysts to wonder if he might consider making a comeback, rather than committing to his previous retirement plans.

However, Pujols has remained consistent and will return home to spend time with his family and adjust to life after baseball.

“God is allowing these doors to be open and to have a great relationship,” Pujols said, according to Kevin Henry of FanSided. “I can say that over the course of 23 years, I’ve felt some great relationships in this game and I’m thankful to God for giving me this opportunity.”

Cardinals: Will Albert Pujols return? Not so fast

Albert Pujols submitted his retirement papers to the league’s office on Monday, officially putting any hope of another season in St. Louis.

From Pujols’ perspective, this makes sense. He hit 700 home points and played a huge role in making the Cardinals post-season. The World Championships could have been the cherry on top, but it wasn’t necessary – Pujols already have two of those. He has also retired from playing with his longtime friend and teammate Yadier Molina.

“I think it’s something that won’t be until this week. I think it can take a couple of months for us to realize how great a team this year has been,” Pujols said. “My main goal has always been to help this team win every day, whether I’m in the squad or off the bench. .”

Molina expressed much of the same view after the cards came out of the Wild Card Tour – an appreciation for his career and what’s to come.

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