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Batman's Worst Nightmare Has Come True In Gotham

Warning! This post contains a preview for Batman #129

The stakes are extremely high for Batman and Gotham City, and his worst nightmare has come true in a brand-new preview. After Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed in Crime Alley, the future Dark Knight swore that Gotham would be freed of criminals like Joe Chill. However, Failsafe’s new takeover has created the ultimate nightmare scenario for Batman, the antithesis of his entire crusade in the DC Universe.

After the Penguin’s death and frame job to make it look like Batman killed him, the Dark Knight’s secret protocols were activated in case he ever crossed the line and took a life. Without the late Alfred to reset the Batcave’s systems in case of false alarms, the lethal AI robot known as Failsafe was activated. Built by Batman’s alternate personality Zur-En-Arrh, Bruce Wayne inadvertently ensured that he wouldn’t be able to prepare and plan for his own demise. Now, a beaten Batman has taken refuge with Aquaman in Atlantis all while Failsafe has taken over Gotham, having incapacitated both the Bat-Family and Bruce’s allies in the Justice League.

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Now, the new preview for Batman #129 from Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jimenez sees Bruce attempting to plan his next move in Atlantis. Tragically, he confirms that while Failsafe is programmed not to kill, he’s created a situation where it’s open season for criminals in Gotham. Every alley is now Crime Alley with a Joe Chill behind every corner. Here are the preview pages and synopsis for the upcoming issue:

Interestingly, the synopsis teases that Batman may find a solution in space. Perhaps he intends to develop a new countermeasure in the Justice League Watchtower? Maybe even further? Either way, there’s no questioning how desperate the situation is, so much so that Batman is even considering giving himself up to save his city from the chaos it’s currently it found itself in under Failsafe’s reign.

Clearly, Failsafe has become one of the most dangerous foes Batman has ever faced. Ironically, the chief reason is that the AI robot is an extension of Bruce Wayne himself. Essentially, Failsafe the Ultron to Batman’s Iron Man. Here’s hoping the Dark Knight will be able to end this ultimate nightmare scenario in the issue to come. The full Batman #129 is on sale November 1st.

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