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Comparing Nagy Harris to historic bankruptcy should worry Steelers fans

Nagy Harris is heading in the wrong direction, and his path is about to frighten Steelers fans.

Coming out of Alabama, the Pittsburgh Steelers running back Nagy Harris was a mixture of physicality and explosiveness in a solid body. Early on, despite the shortcomings of their offensive line position, the Steelers got good production from Harris.

Now, the trend seems to be going in the wrong direction, and by the looks of it, it’s the same trend that his last Alabama run suffered before his career finally fizzled out. If you were wondering who this is, it would be Trent Richardson. This name alone should give shivers.

Oops, just looking at the graph causes it to pause. Furthermore, with the talent currently in Pittsburgh, specifically the O-Line, things don’t seem to get any better unless reinforcements are added.

Nagy Harris is heading in the same direction as Trent Richardson, and that should be a concern for Steelers fans.

Things haven’t gone so well in Pittsburgh this season, and Nagy Harris is far from the biggest reason behind it. Despite their win over Tampa Bay, the black and gold were largely black and blue, including a knockout in Philadelphia recently.

Kenny Beckett’s plea from his teammates doesn’t help, and the lack of consistency in attack is enough for any receiver, not to mention Chase Claypool and George Pickens, to feel frustrated. Defensively, there are moments, but they are choppy at best. It won’t help with slicing as others find ways to improve it.

Harris’ behavior in the same course as Richardson should be a significant cause for concern, and the Steelers should use whatever cover space they have to get some barriers up front to reverse the course rather than allowing him to continue to spin downhill.

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