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Fortnite update 22.30 patch notes, server crashes, The Herald, Luke Skywalker and more | Games | entertainment

Fortnite fans are counting down the release of update 22.30, which has been given a November 1 release date. According to a recent Tweet by Epic Games, the update will be launched at 8am GMT UK time. Needless to say, as a major update, the patch will be accompanied by an extended server downtime, which begins when matchmaking is disabled at 7.30am. Fans can expect the game to be back online around 10am.

The news was announced by Epic Games on Twitter: “Discover all the sweetness in v22.30 update coming out tomorrow!

“The downtime for this update begins at 4AM ET with matchmaking disabled shortly before then.”

Based on information collected by Fortnite insiders such as Hypex and Shiina, Epic will add three “loved” characters to the game after the downtime period ends.

Speaking of characters, the latest Fortnite update is expected to coincide with the release of this season’s bonus skin, The Herald.

This is in addition to the usual weekly missions, a new item, vaulted and unarmored weapons and maybe even a Luke Skywalker skin.

Epic will also use the time to make a variety of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks, which you can see in the patch notes below.

Fortnite update 22.30 patch notes…

Battle Royale fixes

• Sometimes the user interface in the vehicle does not change to the normal user interface after getting out of the vehicle.

• The head will appear on the Erisa outfit with a black helmet

– When equipping a helmet from Irisa’s costume, the head will appear completely black

• After players run, slither, and keep running fast, Tactical Speed ​​Race UI does not accurately represent their remaining stamina

• Players encounter an invisible collision around the replay card.

– Replay cards cause collision issues with players, ammo, etc.

Creative fixes

• Item Engines can not always be reactivated in a round

– In matchmaking, item movers cannot be reactivated in a round if they were activated in a previous round

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