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Game Of Thrones: 10 Members Of House Lannister, Ranked By Political Ability

House of the Dragon continues to fill the void left by Game of Thrones, but the end of season one is fast approaching. Scheming is clearly a key element in Westeros during all points of its history, as the Hightowers and Targaryens vie for more power and control. But the political skill of these families doesn’t compare to that of the Lannisters during Game of Thrones.

House Lannister is full of brilliant minds, as many of them are capable of executing clever tactics that push them to the top. Not everyone can be the best, of course, but each member of the family has skills that make them formidable political players.

Much of Westeros believes Myrcella is a Baratheon, but the viewers of Game of Thrones know better. As Jaime and Cersei’s daughter, Myrcella theoretically has deviousness in her blood. Thankfully, she turned out much better than either of her parents, but it didn’t save her from an untimely end.

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Myrcella had not gotten deeply involved in politics before her death, but it was clear that she had chosen people over power. She fell in love with Tyrstane Martell and got along with many folk in Dorne, though not all loved her. Myrcella’s lack of ruthlessness would not have gotten her far in Westerosi politics, but she never even had a chance to try.

Having only appeared in a couple of episodes of House of the Dragon so far, Jason has not had much time to prove himself to viewers. In the few moments he has appeared on-screen, there hasn’t been any reason to assume he’s a skilled political player.

Jason’s marriage proposal to Rhaenyra was embarrassing, to say the least, and he wasn’t much smoother when it came to talking with King Viserys I. However, his position as the Lord of Casterly Rock does give him a good amount of power to play around with. He takes advantage of it when he can, but does so poorly at this stage.

Cersei and Jaime’s first child managed to acquire the worst parts of both of them. Joffrey is the most purely evil villain in the show, and he didn’t have a judicious bone in his body, but that didn’t prevent him from finding a small bit of political success.

Joffrey used the brute force of his Kingsguard and the wealth of his family to influence the Seven Kingdoms in the ways he saw fit. Tywin was able to rein him in from time to time, but Joffrey’s tyrannical actions were prone to cause great strife throughout the realm. Joffrey knew exactly how to use fear as a tactic to ensure loyalty, and he wasn’t lacking in confidence either.

After Joffrey’s shocking death at the Purple Wedding, Tommen is crowned the next ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Unfortunately for him, this title doesn’t carry much weight. Tommen’s grandfather, Tywin, ends up calling most of the shots during the first part of the young man’s reign.

When the High Sparrow gets involved, things spiral even further out of control. Tommen was good at making allies, but he never learned to discern which ones he could trust. So, when the Faith takes control and prevents Tommen from seeing his wife or his mother, there’s little to nothing he can do to get power back. He naively gave away too much. Despite his faults, Tommen really did give his best effort at ruling, became one of the least evil kings in Game of Thrones, and tried to think politically compared to his brother.

Lancel is an unusual family member in that he obtains most of his political power after leaving the Lannister name behind. When he joins the Faith of the Seven, he becomes part of a group that is deeply convicted in their beliefs and holds great influence over the realm.

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Many of the hurdles that Cersei and Tommen are confronted with are thanks to the work of Lancel and his companions. Lancel and others from the Faith claim to not use their power for personal gain, but it’s hard to believe that based on their actions. By aligning himself with a powerful force in Westeros, Lancel was able to make use of their influence on the people of King’s Landing.

Kevan is Lord Tywin Lannister’s younger brother, and he’s much less ruthless than him. That’s not to say he’s without his own set of political skills. For a while, he successfully opposed Cersei’s bid to grab power that wasn’t hers.

Kevan made the most of the opportunity to be named the Hand of the King in the later stages of Tommen’s reign. Kevan was a relatively wise counselor during his brief time on the small council, making use of the lessons he’d learned from a long life as a leader in the Lannister army.

Jaime often preferred to speak with his sword rather than his voice, but losing his hand prevented him from staying on that route. As a result, he learned how to get his way by other means.

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He’s the least politically-minded of Tywin’s children, but Jaime knew how to push his weight around and strike bargains when he had to. Making use of his natural charm and relying on his father’s powerful name often gave him great success. Unfortunately, when Tywin died, Jaime lost a lot of his bargaining power.

She’s certainly one of the most vile people in all of Westeros, but Cersei has an undeniable talent for acquiring power. She knows exactly which strings to pull, largely thanks to what her father Tywin taught her.

Cersei knew exactly when to be charming, precisely when to use intimidation, and made use of countless other forms of manipulation to achieve her goals. She was able to make friends with other power players and could silence those who got in her way. However, in a male-dominated world, she was still at a severe disadvantage at times. On top of that, her pride ended up costing her so much in life, and it also didn’t help that Cersei made some dumb decisions, too.

Lord Tywin’s youngest child was often the recipient of the Lannister family’s rage, but that didn’t interfere with Tyrion’s ability to make waves in the world. In fact, it was because of his lack of physical prowess and the disrespect he received pushed him to train his mind as much as he could.

Tywin always hated Tyrion the most, but in truth, he was the most like his father of the three children. He constantly had the upper hand in discussions and bargains and was able to talk his way out of almost any situation. The more he succeeded, the more confident Tyrion grew in his political abilities. He was always eager to make use of his intelligence and overcome the opposition by means of strategy and influence. In many ways, Tyrion was the smartest character in Game of Thrones.

Success and building the family legacy was all that mattered to Tywin, and that allowed him to build a strong reputation in the Seven Kingdoms. He was always prepared to stab people in the back if it meant gaining more power, but he was never fool enough to allow others to do the same to him.

Tywin knew how important fear was in ruling a kingdom, and he employed it often as he lorded over those who served under him. He also made sure to convince other powerful individuals that they needed him, and that served him well. He helped the realm just enough to make them aware of how much he was needed, but never enough to empower those beneath him. Unfortunately for Tywin, his neglect and hatred for his son Tyrion ended up causing his own downfall and death.

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