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Game Of Thrones: 9 Best Tweets About Jaime & Brienne's Relationship

Before House of the Dragon brought the incestuous romance between Rhaenyra and Daemon Targaryen, viewers were introduced to the inappropriate romance between Jaime and Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones. Twins by birth, but lovers by choice, Jaime and Cersei brought out the worst in each other.

However, season 2 brings Brienne of Tarth into Jaime’s life and the two form an incredibly heartfelt friendship that has fans rooting for more. The frustration and betrayal by their ending can still be felt through the Twittersphere.

To defend her from being assaulted, Jaime lies to Locke and his men about Brienne’s family, claiming her dad will repay him greatly if she’s alive and her honor still intact. Defending her causes him to lose his hand which is a great deal for a knight.

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No matter his initial feelings for her, Jaime respects Brienne, and he’s like a little attack dog when her life is threatened. She vows to keep him safe, so he wants to keep her safe in return. Jaime will defend Brienne with his life, or rather his hand.

GoT fans think Jaime and Brienne are perfect together and wanted to see them build a life together with him leaving Cersei behind for good. Jaime may have been rough in the beginning, but Brienne softens and brings out his good qualities (which is something Cersei was never capable of doing).

Jaime deserves a better life than what his sister could give him, and he could have gotten that with Brienne. He could have gotten the family he very much wanted with children that are, openly, his children. Unfortunately, fans have to continue dreaming of how the story could have unfolded.

As a skilled fighter and sworn protector, Brienne could have easily used her strength to “capture” Jaime and prevent him from certain death in King’s Landing with Cersei.

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While it was heartbreaking to see her crying as he returned to King’s Landing, some fans believe her character would have fought harder for him or just kept him from leaving entirely regardless of their relationship since she was his sworn protector for so long. The final season didn’t do the justice for the romantic buildup for the duo.

Some fans refuse to believe Jaime left Brienne for Cersei. In their final scene together, Brienne tries to convince him how he’s good compared to his sister. Jaime is adamant that he, too, is hateful.

Brienne helps Jaime develop into a better person during their time together. He becomes more understanding, especially about female knights, and seems to have gotten over Cersei. However, all his character development is thrown out the window once he tries to sneak out while Brienne is sleeping. The moment proves that perhaps Jaime and Brienne aren’t actually real friends.

There are loads of Game of Thrones characters who need to be defended because of their actions. With tons of backstabbing and general poor decisions, fans are ready to bat for their favorite characters – including Jaime. However, fans don’t want to defend him after he leaves Brienne.

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Not only is Jaime dead after going back to Cersei in the controversial season 8, but he is also dead to Game of Thrones fans in a metaphorical sense too. Sleeping with Brienne only to sneak out is despicable behavior to begin with. Breaking her innocent, loving heart in favor of his evil twin sister is behavior that cannot be defended.

Season 3 brings Jaime and Brienne significantly closer together as they travel and are captured by Locke and his men. From sword fighting to defending each other from death, the standout moment in their relationship is at Harrenhal.

Naked in the bathhouse together, Jaime opens up to her, explaining the true events of his slaying the Mad King, and he collapses in her arms from weakness. It’s a touching moment for the two, who, up until that point, were at each other’s throats. It is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship turned romance that ends too soon.

Brienne is introduced as a strong, capable warrior. Throughout the series, she is seen to sacrifice a lot for the sake of doing her duty; unfortunately, this means that fans don’t get to see her experience much happiness. That’s why some viewers were happy to see her open up and let Jaime in.

Sadly, after Jaime and Brienne spent a passionate night together after so long of building up their relationship, they were upset that he attempted to slip out while she’s sleeping to run back to Cersei. Having her run out, crying, and trying to stop him is heartbreaking and not what she deserves after being depicted as so strong and levelheaded. The moment is just one time Game of Thrones fans felt bad for Brienne.

The will-they-won’t-they relationship of Jaime and Brienne is reminiscent of Joyce and Hopper from Stranger Things. Both relationships build up over the seasons with small moments that convince viewers the duos should be together. They are formidable duos when together.

Just like Joyce traveling to Russia to rescue Hopper, Brienne vows to protect Jaime. Hopper and Jaime also defend the women, showing soft spots in their otherwise tough exteriors. Fans who think Joyce and Hopper belong together likely believe Jaime and Brienne are meant for one another.

After everything the duo experiences, Brienne cannot believe that Jaime would choose to face certain death to go back to King’s Landing and Cersei. He could have lived. He could have had a future with Brienne, but his faith wavers and he falls into old habits.

In season 5, Jaime tells Bronn that he wants to die in the arms of the woman he loves. Though fans can question if he truly loves Cersei or if he felt obligated to return so she doesn’t die alone, he made the decision to die by leaving Brienne and no amount of convincing him was going to change that.

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