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Gisele Bündchen ‘doing great’ after Tom Brady divorce

According to a source close to Gisele Bündchen, she is adjusting well to her divorce from Tom Brady, in part because she is used to working independently.

The unnamed insider who spoke to People Magazine says that, “Gisele is dealing with issues that have been plaguing her for a long time” as a result of the divorce.

Bündchen, 42, initially found her breakup with Brady, 45, “hard,” but now that enough time has passed “she is settling in.”

As a result of years spent living independently while her husband played football, the mother of two “is not afraid to do things by herself.”

The source claims that Bündchen’s “main focus and priority” are still the kids. The supermodel and Brady have two children together: 12-year-old daughter Vivian Lake and 12-year-old son Benjamin Rein.

“Gisele is great with her children and radiates happiness when either one or both are around,” the source says, adding that “having them with her has helped her move ahead.”

Gisele Bündchen moving on

“You would never know she was going through a split from her husband,” says the source.

The insider further claims that now that she is legally unmarried, Bündchen “is also eager to continue with her own career and interests. She has a full plate and lots of support.”

The couple divorced on Friday after only 13 years of marriage, filing their divorce promptly. The petition for divorce was approved by a judge in Glades County, Florida, who formally proclaimed the marriage to be dissolved and “irretrievably shattered.”


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