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How To Begin A Charging Session For Your Mercedes EV

While Mercedes-Benz is one of the many automakers offering electric vehicles in the market today, how can buyers charge their Mercedes on the go? The company has increased its electrification efforts and is gradually building a portfolio of luxury electric cars. Currently, there’s the EQS sedan and SUV, the EQB SUV, the recently announced EQE, and the Vision EQXX which traveled 747 miles on a single charge. Mercedes-Benz EVs belong to the luxury segment since they come with advanced technology and elegant design features.

Charging an EV is one of the most important things users should know. Anyone considering a switch to an electric model should have a basic understanding of how an EV works, what the term “range” means, and the processes of charging. A survey of some Americans found that many aren’t still sold on owning an EV. One of the reasons is due to a lack of understanding of how EVs work. General Motors launched an online tool to answer consumers’ EV-related questions, an act that other automakers can emulate to win over more drivers.

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Drivers of Mercedes EVs can locate charging stations using the MBUX navigation system or the Mercedes me Connect app. Additionally, there are three icons used to help drivers distinguish between the types of public chargers. One arrow represents chargers with capabilities of up to 49 kW. A two-arrow icon displays if the EV is close to a charger with power ratings between 50 kW and 149 kW. The three-arrow icon is for DC fast charging stations as they offer 150 kW and higher speeds. A typical example of a fast charger can be found at any Electrify America station. Interestingly, EA offers buyers of the Mercedes EVs free 30-minute sessions of fast charging for two years. After locating one’s preferred charger, beginning the session is next. There are currently five ways to charge a Mercedes EV – RFID Card, Plug & Charge, Mercedes me Connect app, EQS/EQE Center Display, and EQB Center Display.

The RFID card is not suitable for use at ChargePoint and EVgo stations. Once the card is scanned, the charger will verify the driver’s Mercedes me charge account and begin the session. Plug & Charge is considered one of the simplest ways to charge an electric car. Once the EV is plugged in, the charging station will perform a “digital handshake,” which completes payment verification and begins charging. It should be noted that the EQB doesn’t support Plug & Charge. Drivers can also authenticate their accounts using the Mercedes me Connect app. After plugging the cable in, they should check out the map section in the app, select the charging station they’re at, and tap the ‘Charge’ button.

The MBUX Center Display is also a method of starting a charging session. Once parked at a station, drivers should verify that the charger ID matches the one shown on the screen. When this is done, they can plug in the cable until a mechanical click is heard. The click indicates that charging has started. The EQ Center Display can also be used, though it’s exclusive to the EQB. The steps are similar, except for the software version which differs from the EQS and EQE models. Mercedes-Benz EV owners should note that the charging cable should not be plugged in for more than 45 seconds.

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