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Hulk's Strength Lets Him Fire His Blood Like Bullets (Yes, Really)

The overly angry and overly powerful Marvel hero known as Hulk utilizes his god-like strength to smash, squash, and pulverize evildoers into submission on the regular, with the “Totally Awesome” version of Hulk, Amadeus Cho, finding a way to use his brawn to turn his blood into a weapon of mass destruction!

A story arc set during a time when scientist Bruce Banner left the Jade Giant mantle to the super-genius Amadeus Cho, this iteration of the character acquired the abilities of Hulk after using nanobots to help him absorb and utilize gamma radiation as he saw fit. And while Amadeus more or less shares the exact same skillset and powers as the OG Hulk, his superior smarts and technical knowhow ensured that Amadeus’ take on the Green Goliath was something entirely new for fans of the character to enjoy, while still retaining Hulk’s popular “HULK SMASH” attitude.

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Written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Robert Gill, The Totally Awesome Hulk #19 acts as a prelude to the 2017 “Weapons of Mutant Destruction” event and focuses on Amadeus as he contends with the infamous X-Men-related organization known as Weapon X. Attacked while at the edges of space by adamantium cyborgs imbued with abilities taken from dangerous Marvel mutants such as Old Man Logan, Sabretooth, Warpath, and Lady Deathstrike, Amadeus quickly finds himself at a disadvantage, and it’s here where his immense strength is put on full display.

Cut to bloody ribbons by his aggressors’ sharp Lady Deathstrike-like claws, Amadeus realizes he needs to improvise in a situation he’s quickly running out of ideas for. Floating in space while his green, gamma-irradiated blood sits suspended in the void before him, Amadeus backhands some droplets with as much Hulk strength as he can muster, effectively turning his blood into high-speed projectiles that rip into and explode parts of the adamantium cyborgs as if they were tissue paper!

It stands to reason that if Amadeus Cho’s version of the Hulk can accomplish this feat of superhuman power, Bruce Banner’s totally could and then some, so the next time any Hulk gets a paper cut, bad guys better beware. Hulk’s strength is a quality of his that all beings across the Marvel Universe fear and respect, and when coupled with the ability to weaponize something as small as droplets of blood in battle, Amadeus Cho proves his heroic mettle in a way no one could have expected!

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