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Is The Michael Myers House In Halloween Real?

The Michael Myers house is one of the most important places in the Halloween franchise, with kids using it to scare their friends and Michael Myers himself hiding in it multiple times, but is the Myers house actually real? Back in 1978, John Carpenter introduced the audience to the story of Michael Myers, who on Halloween night in 1963 killed his older sister, Judith, for no apparent reason. Michael was sent to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium, where he stayed for years until his escape on October 30, 1978. Michael returned to his hometown Haddonfield, Illinois, where he went on a killing spree, leaving Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) as the only survivor.

Judith’s murder happened at the Myers’ house, and in 1978, the house was on sale and Laurie’s father was in charge of selling it. Young Tommy Doyle even mentioned to Laurie that it was a “spook house” and Lonnie Elam told him it was haunted, all this while Michael hid there. The Myers house appeared again throughout the different timelines in the Halloween franchise, and it was even used for a live-feed internet reality show in Halloween: Resurrection. The Michael Myers house is a key location in the Halloween franchise, but is it one that fans can visit?

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The Myers house, also known as the Century House, was built sometime in 1888 and was noted as “possibly being the city’s oldest surviving residence”. The house was located at 707 Meridian Avenue, South Pasadena, California, and it appeared in Halloween in poor quality because that’s exactly how it looked at the time, and the production team made some restorations for the 1963 scenes. In 1987, various houses on Meridian Avenue were going to be destroyed, including the Myers house, but it was saved by council member David Margrave, who made an offer to the owner, which gave him a week to move the house from its site or it would be torn down. As Margrave didn’t own any land, he moved the Myers house to a corner by the railroad tracks, and due to its history, the City of South Pasadena allowed it to stay there.

The Myers house can now be found at 1000 Mission Street, next to the railroad tracks, and it’s now used as a chiropractor’s office, and has housed different local businesses over the years. The Myers house was obviously restored and is now painted light blue, but the structure is pretty much the same as in 1978 – however, those inside the house are reportedly not big fans of people visiting the house due to its cultural significance, but at least fans can see it from outside. Another Myers house is located in North Carolina and it was built by a Halloween fan, but as it is private property, fans can only get an exterior tour of the house, though it also includes some goodies and the chance of taking a photo on the front porch.

The Halloween reboot trilogy serves as a direct continuation of the original movie, thus ignoring all the sequels, meaning that the house was never used for a reality show. Instead, it was shown in Halloween Kills that, at some point during the forty years that passed after the first movie, the Myers house was renovated and sold, and a couple – Big John and Little John – was living there. Unfortunately, during the events of Halloween Kills, Michael Myers’ main goal was to go home, and once there, he killed its new residents and later killed Laurie’s daughter, Karen (Judy Greer), there too. Halloween Ends revealed that the house was demolished after that, and so Michael Myers hid in the sewers for four years.

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