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Jordan Peele talks about how Wendell & Wilde uses the “running theme” from his other films

Wendell and Wild It is the latest cinematic show to be the recipient of Jordan Peele’s creativity. while the Get out And the we The director didn’t actually direct the film, and his fingerprints can still be felt on it, given his touch as a producer. Henry Selick’s stop-motion movie is very similar to Peele’s earlier fare, mixing dread and dread with social commentary. But the connection between the Netflix movie and Peele’s live-action movies goes beyond those things. According to the Academy Award-winning director, there is an “ongoing theme” that he shares with his other productions.

The Netflix animated movie is a bleak but sweet story about coming of age. The Wendell and Wild The actors cast Stack, and Lyric Ross plays the main character, a young teen named Kat. The punk rock protagonist has a tough upbringing that began with the premature death of her parents. During an interview, the no The director explained how the story of the orphan is a series of genres in his filmography:

The movie is a very dark horror story in one way and in another way, it’s a very powerful one. All of these characters, I think it’s kind of a running theme in my movies, I’m used to having an orphan relationship. I don’t know if that’s something common to all of us, or if it’s something deeper than that, but there is just something about making your own way in the world and having to piece together your pieces at some point that these characters share with many of my other characters.

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