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Kanye gets into a heated argument with his father and leaves his son’s soccer match very upset

KI West it’s frustrating. In recent weeks, his life has been filled with controversy Anti-Semitic comments made by In one of the shows, which made most of the companies he deals with decide that cut off their relationship with him.

Now, the West is the subject of comments for exchange hot words He was with the father of a child During a football match for his son St.

The reason for his anger at his father is unknown

TMZ has a video that was registered on saturday While the saint was playing football. there, Kim kardashian He can be seen sitting on a chair in the garden, Surrounded by her security guardswhile I was watching about 30 feet.

kanye He waves his arms and looks frustrated, And after a few moments a female Close to a family friend. After she said something to him, West. walking very angry. According to TMZ, a witness commented on this Kanye came back in minutesHe seems calmer and finished watching the match.

Kanye and Kim are still not talking to each other

Maybe Kanye’s resentment was because of He wanted to talk to his ex-wifeKim Kardashian with him She hasn’t spoken for weeks. In the video, there is clearly a There is no friendly relationship between the two.

Before everything exploded against the West a few weeks ago Appeared at a basketball game From the North, wearing a T-shirt with the legend of “White Lives Matter”, which also It earned it thousands of critics.

Faced with the problems that made him speak ill of the Jewish people, In addition to the comments he followed To make it in the last days, Kanye In a hurricane of trouble. Recently, a wax statue of him from the famous Madame Tussauds Museum He was removed due to his anti-Semitic comments.


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