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Law And Order’s Camryn Mannheim talks about why using sign language in a recent episode was ‘really helpful’ for her

Law and order He became strong in NBC’s primetime lineup after coming back for a revival back in February, and Making History Season 22 It featured an episode that was “really meaningful” by Camryn Mannheim, who plays Lieutenant Kate Dixon. A young girl was brought to the area when the team was trying to identify a suspect in the “Camouflage” episode that aired on October 6, and Dixon was able to use American Sign Language to communicate with her. Network TV doesn’t often incorporate ASL into storylines, and Mannheim has opened up about what it means to her, and her role in making that happen in the long-running drama.

Lieutenant Dixon went up to meet the girl and revealed that she knows sign language because her son is deaf. According to Camryn Mannheim (who actually Play more than one Law and order Letter before landing her role in the regular series) while talking to e! NewsShe specifically requested that the show include deaf characters. Share Mannheim:

It really made sense to me. I asked them to incorporate some deaf characters, and I know SVU is also doing a story with some deaf characters. We need to have disabled people everywhere; People in wheelchairs, blind, people with cerebral palsy, and deaf people. People need to be able to look at TV and see themselves, a role model, to be imitated on screen.

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