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Luke Evans weighs in on changing James Bond as his name was floated to replace Daniel Craig

Luke Evans is famous for playing many famous characters including Dracula and Gaston Beauty and the beast. Recently, it was rumored that his name is being cast for another legendary role: 007. While Daniel Craig’s replacement is yet to be decided, Evans definitely looks the part and never shy away from interesting projects. Amidst the James Bond rumors, it was the hobbit Allum commented on the history of the famous spy franchise, and why he thinks so many people have been drawn to it over the years.

Luke Evans focused on the prolific English character during an interview with independent. The cerebral representative also shared thoughts on how Daniel Craig’s iteration of The Factor differs from those of his predecessors. When discussing the appeal of the franchise, drop the idea that people are drawn to the more sensual aspects of it:

We are not at Roger Moore [era] Where he sleeps with five women per movie, that’s not what he’s about anymore. I think people are more interested in the scene and the story.

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