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New Hazbin Hotel Image Reveals Redesigned Villains

The first look at the redesigned villains for Hazbin Hotel has been released. First released as a YouTube pilot by Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano in 2019, Hazbin Hotel quickly became massively popular, with the video currently sitting at over 80 million views. The pilot was picked up by production company A24 on in August 2020, with intentions to develop Hazbin Hotel into a long-form television series. Though there is no set release date as of yet, Hazbin Hotel is expected to debut in Summer 2023.

Hazbin Hotel is an adult animated series that follows Charlie Morningstar, princess of Hell and daughter of Lucifer, as she opens a hotel to try and rehabilitate sinful demons. While the 31-minute pilot sparked the show’s popularity, Medrano has also released several other supplemental projects in response to massive fan demand. In 2020, Medrano released two webcomics following two main characters from the Hazbin Hotel pilot, Angel Dust and Alastor. In July 2020, Medrano released “Addict,” an animated music video that follows Angel Dust as he navigates drug addiction and an abusive relationship with his boss, Valentino. Through these projects, Medrano introduced audiences to Hazbin Hotel characters that were not included in the pilot episode.

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In a post from the Hazbin Hotel Twitter page, new redesigns of the series’ villains have been revealed. … introduces “the Vees”: Vox, Velvette, and Valentino, with an image displaying the three overlords smiling viciously. Check out the post above.

While the Vees weren’t characters formally introduced in the Hazbin Hotel pilot, they have all made appearances in other works of Medrano’s. Vox’s first appearance came briefly in Alastor’s comic, where it was revealed that Vox is an overlord of Hell, and a fierce rival of Alastor’s. Velvette (originally known as Velvet) has only ever appeared in Instagram posts, where she often appears alongside Vox and Valentino. Valentino played a major role in “Addict,” where his manipulative and abusive relationship with Angel Dust was explored. As with previous Hazbin Hotel character redesigns that have been released over the past year, the Vees appear very similarly to their brief appearance in the pilot, with the exception of Velvette. Velvette’s frazzled look has been smoothed out from her original concept, and her features have become slightly more sharp.

Though Hazbin Hotel follows a motley crew of demons with questionable morals, the Vees have been introduced as major antagonists to the show ahead of its Summer release. Unlike other villains in the series, like the bumbling Sir Pentious, the Vees represent a much darker tone in Hazbin Hotel – one which has caused some controversy since the Hazbin Hotel pilot’s release. However, some longtime fans have applauded Medrano’s work for unashamedly and blatantly dealing with dark topics like abuse and addiction. Still, with Hazbin Hotel being picked up by a major studio like A24, it remains to be seen just how much of the show’s original content will make it through uncensored.

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