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Persona 5 Royal's Most Powerful Personas, Ranked

Being one of the most popular JRPG series out now, the Persona series is built off of its namesake creatures, which return en masse in Persona 5 Royal. The ability to collect, battle, and fuse Personas in order to make the strongest possible allies is one of P5R‘s biggest selling points. With 192 Personas to collect, figuring out the ideal team will take some time. Luckily, this ranking will boil them down to the best of the best.

To be considered one of the best Personas in Persona 5 Royal, the Persona must be the best in one or more of a variety of stats. Taking a look at weaknesses, stats, and unique moves will all factor into which Personas are included below. A Persona that makes P5R‘s hardest boss easier at high difficutly will obviously be considered highly. While a universally good Persona may be incredibly rare, these Personas will be judged based on how good their strengths cover for their weaknesses (if any), what unique abilities they bring to the table, and how hard they are to acquire. The Personas discussed below are the stand-outs that P5R players should consider hunting down.

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While he may not be that appealing to look at, Abaddon makes up for it with some powerful stats. It naturally drains Physical, Gun, and Curse attacks, meaning that any sort of physical threat will heal it as opposed to harm it. Its weakness to Psy and Nuke attacks can be overlooked when players see it’s incredibly high Endurance stat. Abaddon is one Persona that can take a punch and keep on giving, which is likely why Abaddon is also found in Persona 5 Strikers. By giving it items and training its physical attack to buff up its two moves, Megaton Raid and Gigantomachia, Abaddon can become a heavy hitter that can take as much as it can give.

The final Persona unlocked by finishing Ohya’s Devil Confidant storyline, Beelzebub is one Curse-heavy Persona in P5R. With one of the highest base Magic stats of any Persona in the game, it can use its inherent Curse spells to dangerous effect. Combined with abilities that ramp up Curse damage and moves that have a chance of instantly killing any foe, players have one of the most dangerous bugs in the game on their side. Any Curse damage will be reflected at the attacker, and any Fire damage will be absorbed as health, meaning that Beelzebub can factor into some of Persona 5‘s best builds for Joker. The only downside is its demonic weakness to Bless damage, which can be mitigated using some items.

For those who follow the Moon Arcana storyline in Persona 5 Royal and help Mishimia build the Phantom Thieves website, their ultimate reward is Sandalphon, an angel with no weaknesses. It can resist Physical and Gun attacks, repel Bless attacks back at opponents, and completely nullifies Curse damage. This angel offers a bulwark of protection for its wielder, and combined with its ability to learn some of the best Bless and Almighty attacks in the game, players will have themselves a true guardian angel capable of protecting them and dealing significant damage.

In order to unlock Satan in Persona 5 Royal, players must complete the Judgement Arcana tied to Sae Nijima. This Arcana automatically levels up as the game (and her interrogation) progresses, so Satan will be locked to players until the very end of the game, though he will be playable through the third semester if players unlock the true ending of Persona 5 Royal.

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Once unlocked, though, players have access to a chilling spectacle of a Persona that has strength against Gun attacks and repels Ice and Curse attacks back at the attacker. After it’s done repelling Curse and Ice, it can fling some of the most deadly Curse and Ice attacks in the game at opponents to really double down on the theme that judgment is best served cold.

While weak to Fire, Maria’s healing abilities render it negligible. Maria is the ultimate Persona in the Faith Arcana, meaning players will have to max out their relationship with Yoshizawa prior to unlocking the ability to fuse P5R‘s Maria. Once they do, though, dying in battle in Persona 5 Royal will become a thing of the past. Maria has abilities that revive and revitalize the entire party at once, meaning that no matter how badly the party is wiped, as long as Joker survives, the party survives. Her abilities that restore SP in battle mean that the healing will never stop, and the Phantom Thieves are in good hands.

With strength against Gun attacks, repelling Bless, nullifying Curse, and no other weaknesses, Michael is a powerhouse that easily faces down most Persona 5 foes. He comes with a suite of mass attacks that deal ludicrous amounts of damage akin to angelic judgment, and a Physical attack that can clean up any remnants. He is a late-game boss in the Qliphoth World of Persona 5 Royal just before the Yaldabaoth boss fight, and unlocking him feels like an accomplishment because of this. Once Michael is on the Phantom Thieves’ side, they are ready to face down hell itself.

The Ultimate Persona of the Fool Arcana, Satanael is given to the protagonist at the very end of the game. Given the brevity of its appearance, one could be forgiven for thinking that this persona only exists for the final fight. But if players reach level 95 in New Game +, they unlock the ability to fuse into Satanael for use during the game. With a bevy of resistances, immunity to Bless, and absorbing Curse damage, Satanael will make short work of any battle. As the ultimate form of the protagonist’s spirit, it makes sense that Satanael would be the most powerful Persona in Persona 5 Royal, even if he is only available once players start P5R‘s New Game Plus.

The preceding Personas are all difficult to beat, and even more difficult to unlock. But once they are unlocked, they provide advantages that no other in the game can match. These are the most powerful Personas in Persona 5 Royal.

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