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Phillies fans roam the Astros stealing literal cues

The Houston Astros can’t live their 2017 cheating scandal, and Philadelphia Phillies fans have teased it in a perfect way.

It’s no secret that the Houston Astros didn’t win the 2017 World Series title, and fans are unforgiving and forgetful. In fact, Philadelphia Phillies fans use it as leverage to support their team in the most creative way, like a billboard stating “steal their signals”.

For reference, the Astros stole signs by illegally using a camera during the home games of the 2017 World Championships to find out what the catcher’s signs mean and communicate that to each other by hitting the trash. Their credibility has since been called into question, and this time they are being closely watched.

The Astros have been accused of surface activities again at the 2022 World Championships

In just two matches of the 2022 World Championships, the Astros have already been accused of committing the tumefolier on numerous occasions. In Game 1, Aledmys Diaz was called to crouch on the field for one call after another, but the referee considered it intentional and told him to finish his racket. This was shortly after the Astros were 5-0 up, so they definitely needed an extra base runner.

In Game 2, they were accused of cheating again with a little more extreme situation. Framber Valdes pulled off a stunning run for the Astros, often wiping sweat off his forehead. Many credited its performance to the use of a sticky substance. Add Martin Maldonado using an illegal bat provided by Albert Pujols, and you’ve got the picture.

Fans this season liked to blame the good promotion of banned substances, as they did with Joe Musgrove in San Diego Padres During the Wild Card series against the New York Mets. It’s no surprise that they did the same with Valdez.

The Astros have dug themselves into a hole when it comes to confidence, but fortunately, they haven’t done anything too much so far in the 2022 World Championships, except for stealing a billboard in Philadelphia.

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