‘Reforms eliminated ‘ghost’ workers in public service’

d dasuki arabi x

The Director General, Bureau of Public Service Reforms, Dr Dasuki Arabi, has said several reforms embarked upon by his agency have discouraged corrupt practices in the civil service.

He specifically said the issue of ghost workers in the civil service had been eliminated as a result of these reforms.

Arabi spoke during a two-day national youth summit on drug and substance abuse prevention in Abuja, on Wednesday.

He noted that part of the reasons for the reform was to make the civil service appealing to youths as well as discourage them from seeking greener pastures abroad.

Arabi said, “We have been transforming the Civil Service to make it appealing to the youth. We are doing this to encourage them to join the civil service and discourage them from ‘Japa’. Our reforms have made it difficult for people in public service to engage in corrupt practices. Also, the reforms through the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System have led to the elimination of ghost workers.

“Beyond the government, we have been carrying out activities that will develop the skills of the youths so they can get engaged beyond government jobs. We believe this will help us overcome the problem of unemployment in the country. â€

Speaking on the topic ‘Prevention of Drug and Substance Abuse Prevention in Nigeria,’ the Executive Director, African Youths Initiative On Crime Prevention, Chris Ibe, called on the National Assembly to come up with legislation that would ensure compulsory mental health checks for aspiring political office holders.

He said, “The call for mental health test is very important but the government can take it seriously by making it an executive bill and transmitting it to the National Assembly to pass or the Assembly comes up with legislation to make it compulsory. This is important because the youths see them as mentors. “

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