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Rick & Morty: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Rick

Rick and Morty‘s sixth episode of its latest season is now available on HBO and has covered everything, from references to multiple film classics to even more chaotic multiverse’s, within its same old humorous nihilistic tone that fans cannot get enough of.

It’s been nine years since Rick and Morty was first released, but the series continues to be as successful as ever, and nobody can deny that it is all thanks to Rick’s genius that constantly leads to random and hilarious misadventures. There are many things that can be said about Rick, but it is best summed up with memes.

It is difficult to sum up Rick when there are so many Ricks in the multiverse. Each one has its own traits and characteristics that distinguish them from other Ricks, although most of them look similar and are really smart… except for Doofus Rick of Dimension J19 Zeta 7, of course.

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While most people use the template shown in the meme to describe different characters from one series, Rick can cover them all with his multiple personalities across the universes. Rick can be lawful good, chaotic evil, or true neutral, although the one who fans love the most is the Rickest Rick, which is neutral evil.

Emmett Brown stopped being the only mad old scientist that dragged kids into his dangerous experiments when Rick and Morty premiered in 2013. Brown built a time machine that almost jeopardized Marty McFly’s existence, and although Rick says he doesn’t respect time travel, by traveling through different realities he has done the same to Morty countless times.

Back to the Future definitely has a different tone than Rick and Morty but it is hard to deny that Emmett and Marty and Rick and Morty’s dynamic is very similar, as this meme hilariously points out. There is no doubt as to why the pair are the best Rick and Morty characters, the formula of an old careless scientist plus a naive brave young boy is infallible.

Being a genius is one of Rick’s best qualities, if not the best. His wild scientific devices, experiments, and weapons, among other things, prove that he is the brightest mind in the multiverse. Inevitably, most of Rick and Morty’s plots are somewhat based on scientific theories, but to say that the episodes can only be understood by people with high IQs is a bit of a stretch.

While Rick Sanchez may have a high IQ within the Rick and Morty universe, it is not necessary to be as smart as him to understand the mess he gets into every episode. If Doofus Rick had made that comment, he would have been yelled at by other Ricks for embarrassing them.

There are many quotes that perfectly sum up Morty and his lack of intelligence, or at least, in comparison to his brilliant grandfather. In truth, everybody in the Smith household can barely keep up with Rick’s brains, and he is never afraid of pointing out how dumb everyone else is.

Morty is especially reminded of how much of an idiot he is by his grandfather, who on multiple occasions has asked him to not be an idiot, as if it was that easy for him. That request usually makes Morty do an extra effort as the meme depicts.

Rick is always seen walking around with a bottle of alcohol in his hand and as the meme points out, he probably thinks that drinking two liters in a minute is not that much, although two dots in any context delivers one too many dots to have any meaning or function.

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Although it would be quite the feat to drink two bottles of alcohol within a minute, it does seem like something Rick would do any day, if not by himself, with the help of another scientific device that would let him drink more alcohol than his body could naturally manage.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pistol or a laser gun, Rick always seems to have some sort of weapon in hand that either teleports him to other universes or kills other Ricks and Mortys from parallel realities.

One of his most important creations is the portal gun which has become a vital device for multiple episodes, and it is safe to say it is the most iconic weapon of the series. Without it, Rick and Morty could not travel through multiple realities, and fans could not do multiple reality memes, as the Reddit post does.

Considering that Rick is drunk all the time, is never afraid of doing any other drugs, and is constantly elaborating on nihilist arguments, it is safe to say that he is in a perpetual state of being “that” high person at a party who gets philosophical because they are under the influence.

Without a doubt, Rick is the smartest character in Rick and Morty, however, it is not only because of his extraordinary understanding of science but also because of his very philosophical approach to life. He goes deeper than realizations about nighttime making up half of all time, though.

Rick is not a psychopath, but he does show little to no empathy for other beings, including his family sometimes. In spite of all the crazy occurrences that happen, he never seems to be too disturbed, which has led many fans to compare themselves to Rick, and how dead they seem to be on the inside.

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However, viewers have been able to see Rick’s vulnerable and sensitive side, and in spite of seeming dead on the inside, he has shown how complex his personality is and how capable of loving and being moved he is.

Rick and Morty constantly questions and criticizes society, its morals, and systems within its nihilistic point of view, and Rick is the strongest spokesperson for life’s lack of meaning and rules. While Beth and Jerry insist that Morty must behave like a normal boy and comply with the expectations of a good member of society, Rick always drags him into yet another adventure where he leaves his responsibilities behind.

Rick is the first one to take Morty to another planet with erotic aliens or rejoices at the trippy effects of Kalaxian Crystals, smokeable alien pheromones, and other psychedelic substances in front of Morty or with him, which makes him not that good of an influence like the meme depicts.

What people call “wild” is just a Tuesday for Rick, therefore it is understandable that he would frown upon anyone that claims they’ve done the “wildest” thing only to deliver an underwhelming and disappointing anecdote about their small crimes.

Rick has plenty of fun anecdotes that would put any other “wild” story to shame. Driving drunk and stealing things have been the least of his worries, but it’s not like anyone could come close to having the same crazy stories.

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