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Schedule changes after rains Game 3

World Series 3 in Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies, has been officially postponed to Tuesday.

The Philadelphia Phillies have not hosted a World Championship game since 2009, and unfortunately they have to wait a night longer than anticipated to finally host one again. 3 . game Officially postponed until Tuesday evening, matches 4 and 5 will also be postponed by a day.

According to MLB Communications, tickets will still be valid for each game number.

This World Championship is particularly exciting for Phillies fans because the team hasn’t played in the playoffs since 2011 and they are now edging out as the underdogs in 2022 after the season. It’s definitely an upsetting situation for fans waiting to see if Velez can win it all. Fortunately, there is no rain on the forecast for the rest of the week in Philadelphia, so games are expected to resume as usual.

However, extended time may benefit the Phillies as it allows them to make changes to their rotation.

World Championship schedule changes: Velez vs Astros

Originally, Noah Syndergaard was supposed to start Game 3 and Ranger Suarez was set to start Game 4. Now, Suarez will start the third match Aaron Nola will start the fourth game. It’s not yet decided whether Syndergaard will start Game Five or whether Kyle Gibson will start, but it looks as if Phillies are trying to keep Cindergard as an arm, which would be a smart move.

Initially, Thompson planned to start Syndergaard To allow Suarez to rest regularly. Suarez last started on October 21 and made a brief appearance in the first match of the World Championship on October 28. The daily deferred game allows him to get a regular rest and start game 3 instead of when he would have started game 4 anyway, and it saves Syndergaard as a necessary arm.

Syndergaard hasn’t started a world championship game since 2015. He hasn’t attended a world championship since then, but he didn’t have the best start. It produced an ERA of 4.50, which averaged a hit against .304 and a WHIP of 1.50. He gave up three runs over six innings and walked twice.

Syndergaard has also been, in general, very reliable as a bullpen in this post-season. So far, it has produced an ERA of 1.69, a BAA of .158, and a WHIP of 0.75. More than 5.1 roles installed. He got in from bowling in two games and started one. It gets the job done beautifully, and the Phillies shouldn’t risk changing what works for them if they can avoid it.

Although the rain delay is hard to accept for many, it may have been a disguised point of luck for Velez.

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