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Show Titans shares huge tributes to Titus Williver’s debut as Lex Luthor in Season 4

When titans Returning to HBO Max just over a year after the conclusion of season three, the comic book series will face another iconic DC villain with… Superman version of Superman Lex Luthorit has been observed that The only person Bruce Wayne is afraid of. Titus Welliver, from bush And the sons of anarchy Fame is taking on the role of Season 4, and while fans have seen very little of the character via trailer footage, showrunner Greg Walker shared some huge praise for the actor with CinemaBlend while also talking about how surprisingly accessible the show was to him. .

After I saw the first handful of titans“Season 4 installments, I asked Greg Walker about the importance of bringing Welliver in for a big role as Lex Luthor, and before he could even tackle the answer directly, the showrunner shared plenty of praise for the actor’s work. In his words:

Yeah, it’s funny, because I go back to those episodes and look at the effects. And often when you go back, you’re like, “Oh, I should have added more here,” or “We cut that weird.” But you know, at some point, you go deeper into the process, you can’t go back and re-cut. And I never felt bad about looking at Titus’ things. I always feel like he’s totally dead in every way. It was a gift to him at the show.

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