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Stargirl Cast Members React To Arrowverse Cancelation

Several Stargirl cast members react to the Arrowverse series officially getting canceled. 2022 has not been a good one for The CW and its Arrowverse franchise, as the network has been dealing with new owners behind the scenes. After having merged The WB and UPN into The CW in 2006, the network’s owners have sold 75% ownership of it to Nexstar, which has caused a ripple effect across all their ongoing shows. For the Arrowverse, as executive produced by Greg Berlanti, the franchise lost both Legends of Tomorrow and Batwoman earlier this year as both shows were axed by The CW after their season finales. While not tied to the Arrowverse, DC TV newcomer Naomi was also canceled after only one season.

While The Flash and Superman & Lois got renewed for season 9 and season 3, respectively, the former will be ending its run in 2023, leaving the latter yet to have its fate decided after its upcoming season. The CW is also premiering a new DC TV drama next year with Gotham Knights, which will have no ties to any of the ongoing shows. While Stargirl season 3 has been keeping the Arrowverse going this fall, The CW confirmed on Monday that it wouldn’t be getting renewed for season 4. The Stargirl series finale is set to air in early December.

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Following the official announcement about Stargirl finishing its run on The CW, several long-time cast members have broken their silence on the cancelation. Among the actors who shared their reactions were Brec Bassinger, Anjelika Washington, Joy Osmanski, and Neil Hopkins, who plays Courtney Whitmore, Beth Chapel/Dr. Mid-Nite, Tigress, and Sportmaster, respectively. They all took to social media to share some passionate words about seeing Stargirl come to an end.

With Stargirl getting canceled, the characters may not have their own show anymore, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the end for their place in the Arrowverse. While Stargirl isn’t a traditional Arrowverse spinoff, it’s adjacent to the franchise since Crisis on Infinite Earths established that the DC drama took place on a revamped Earth-2, previously an alternate universe that was explored in The Flash. Stargirl could return in The Flash season 9 or Superman & Lois season 3, with those shows taking place on Earth-Prime and an undesignated world, respectively. If either show would want to bring in Stargirl, they could introduce a multiverse arc that brings Courtney into either universe.

At this point, unless it happens somewhere early in the final season, Stargirl may not have a big chance to appear in The Flash season 9 since the Grant Gustin-led show has many plots wrapping up before the series finale. If Superman & Lois season 4 moves forward, and if there was a creative interest in bringing in the teenage heroine, it wouldn’t happen until a year from now at the very least. However, given all the shows The CW has canceled this year, particularly for the superhero genre, it’s unclear if there will be much of an Arrowverse left after the 2022-2023 TV season. With Stargirl season 3 set to air its series finale on Wednesday, December 7, fans have at least a few more weeks to enjoy the show before the DC teen drama concludes its run on The CW.

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Source: Brec Bassinger, Anjelika Washington, Joy Osmanski & Neil Hopkins

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