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Superman's 10 Best Quotes In DC Comics

Thanks to Black Adam, Henry Cavill’s Superman is back in the DCEU, and fans can’t wait to find out what the new DC Studios co-CEOs will have in store for the character. As the wait for the Kryptonian’s next appearance continues, fans can still follow the character in the comics, DCAU, and the Superman & Lois TV series.

In the recent DCEU installment, Superman announces his arrival with the rather cliché yet anticipation-building line, “We need to talk.” In the comics, his dialogue is a bit more sophisticated. Ever since he was introduced in Action Comics #1, the Man of Steel has made many memorable remarks. What are his best quotes?

Shortly after becoming Superman, Clark Kent declares that he will always identify more with Earth than with his home planet of Krypton. And he has a good reason for that.

Superman’s loyalty has never been in question because he didn’t grow up in Kryptonian. Since he has no special memories about the planet, he doesn’t feel attached to it. Living on Earth also shapes his personality, making him nicer compared to the majority of Kryptoniians who are often depicted as malicious.

While staring at Gotham from the top of a building, Superman gives his opinion of it. To him, the city is a total mess compared to Metropolis.

It’s an accurate assessment since Gotham has the highest crime rate among all the iconic DC Comics cities. Even for a hero like Superman who can take on anyone, a city with sophisticated villains like Joker, Penguin and Riddler is too much work.

When the terrorist Abdullah Harish begins causing havoc, Batman and Captain Atom consider killing him. Quickly, Superman warns them against doing so, reminding them that as the faces of America, they shouldn’t be known for violence.

Even underrated DC villains tend to push the superheroes to the limit from time to time and the same happens here. But as someone who always has great self-control, Superman knows better than to do something he might regret. He also advocates against violence in this scenario because US President Lex Luthor seems to be okay with it.

Clark Kent once expresses how happy he is to be an employee of the Daily Planet. He praises the Media Company for always getting the news first and printing it while the New York Times struggles to get the scoop.

Clark doesn’t always throw shady burns on the regular but when he does, they are always creative ones. Here, he fuses a pop culture reference with mockery to good effect. The mention of a real-life media company also makes the DC universe feel even close to the real world.

After helping put many criminals behind bars, Superman expresses satisfaction with his work. And he does so in a rather braggadocios manner.

As one of the most overpowered superheroes, Superman sure does have it easy most of the time. It’s something he always brushes aside but here, he not only acknowledges it but also boasts about it. Though he faces serious challenges from time to time, Superman would never swap his life with anyone else’s

The biggest confession in DC Comics involves Clark Kent coming clean to Lois. On this occasion, he tells her right after stopping an attack by Silver Banshee.

There have been many times in the comics when Superman’s identity got revealed. And in all reboots, Lois is always the first to know. The same happens this time around. Even better is that the issue ends in suspense as Lois doesn’t say a word in response.

Superman becomes furious when he learns that Black Adam is protecting Doctor Psycho in Metropolis. He, therefore, approaches him and assures him that he doesn’t prefer negotiations. What he prefers is a good old-fashioned beatdown.

A cocky and confident Superman is always likable, but he somehow underestimates how strong and skilled Black Adam is. There is no beatdown as he hoped. Instead, there is a drawn-out fight that turns out to be entertaining nonetheless.

When thousands of Kryptonians invade Metropolis and defeat most heroes, Superman realizes he won’t be able to take them down on his own. Quickly, he remembers one person who built dozens of weapons to kill him, Lex Luthor. He thus goes and asks for a favor.

From time to time, Superman and Lex Luthor always decide to put aside their differences and work together, Superman’s request makes sense since the invading Kryptonians have the same powers as him hence Luthor’s weapons would harm them in the same way they were designed to harm him. Furthermore, he figures Lex Luthor won’t deny his request since he has also invested a lot in Metropolis and wouldn’t want to see it in ruins.

Superman is amused when he learns that the government plans to send him to the Alien Alliance on a diplomatic mission to negotiate a ceasefire. He thus makes fun of the whole situation.

As accomplished as he is, Superman never stops seeing himself as the boy from Smallville, Kansas. It’s a testament to his humility. But even though he sees the developments as weird, he is the one best suited to negotiate with hostile aliens since he isn’t from Earth either.

During a conversation with Lois, Superman confesses that he looks forward to the day the world won’t need him. Until then, he’ll keep fighting.

Superman isn’t exactly expressing a desire to retire or admitting that he is fed up with his job. He only wants to see a world that is so peaceful that no one will ever need him to save them. It would be an ideal world, but one that readers wouldn’t want to see because it’d definitely be a boring one.

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