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Survivor: 10 Wildest Temper Tantrums Of All Time

Survivor‘s 43rd season is now well underway and has chipped away each week at its cast of new castaways, all of whom want to go down in the Survivor history books. Early in the season, tensions are low and emotions remain relatively under control. However, this can change fast in the isolated game of Survivor.

The show has a history of contestants who have wild temper tantrums on the island. The reasons for these range from not being on rewards to a vote not going one’s way. It is easy to sit back and watch from the couch and say they these players were overreacting, but, in most cases, all of these emotions are warranted for their specific situation.

Randy was known around the island for having a quick temper on Survivor: Gabon. One of his biggest, and funniest, outbursts happened at the end of a reward challenge when he was fighting with Matty over a very easy shot to win a slingshot competition.

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It is no surprise to fans that Randy would make something very easy and turn it into a big tantrum. There is some humor in this as watching Randy and Matty argue over the shot literally an inch away from the goal is very funny. Randy’s tribe won the challenge, but Randy still sulked and was angry on the reward. It is moments like this that make Randy one of the most disliked players ever on Survivor.

Erik was on Survivor: Samoa and his tantrum happened when Shambo released one of their chickens loose by mistake. Erik was pissed and started to kick the ground repeatedly.

Erik’s reaction is totally understandable. He was upset over the loss of fresh eggs and protein. The most memorable part of this whole situation is not even the tantrum, but when he chased after the chicken and clotheslined himself with their actual clothesline. It is because of his self-inflicted clotheslining that fans do not remember his blowup too much, but they remember Erik’s iconic final tribal council speech much more.

Colby played Survivor three times and on his third, Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains, he threw a fit in a competition. The target of his woes was an unlikely candidate: his brother.

The family visit challenge is iconic and in this version, the castaways needed to throw water at their loved ones. Colby was got furious over his brother’s inability to catch the water. The most memorable part of his aspect was Jeff’s funny commentary and Colby’s brother not reacting to getting screamed at. Of course, this meant that Colby and his brother lost the challenge horrendously. This frustration might have been coming from the fact that Colby knew he was outnumbered and would be voted out soon.

Russel is undoubtedly one of the biggest villains in Survivor history as he played three times, and made it to the finale twice. He had an interesting and unique tantrum after his second season took place.

What made Russel’s tantrum unique was it was live on the reunion show. He was upset that he lost to Sandra in Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains. Russel felt like he should have won, so he made suggestions like America having a vote to win since they see all the confessionals. He did have a point, but being able to articulate one’s game at the final tribal is a crucial part of Survivor. Jeff, Sandra, and the crowd had none of it and took this fit as him being bitter that he lost.

Whitney was a contestant on Survivor: South Pacific and she is one of the few celebrities who played Survivor. Her time on the show was not very memorable, but her outburst with Cochran sure was. Cochran just flipped on their tribe, which made them go down in numbers.

Her outburst was totally rational. She was pissed and said a lot of things, like how much Cochran disgusts her. After this vote, Whitney’s tribe was taken out one by one. None of them had a chance since the other tribe was so loyal. One of the most ironic things about Whitney’s blow-up was who was voted out. Cochran had voted out Keith when he flipped, who was actually Whitney’s future husband.

Brandon’s meltdown on Survivor: Caramoan cemented himself as one of the most problematic contestants ever, but also produced some of the most iconic moments in the show’s history. He got so fed up with Phillip, he threw some chairs around and foolishly decided to dump the tribe’s food on the ground.

There is no doubt that Phillip got on other people’s nerves, but what Brandon did was absolutely beyond reason. It really did not make any sense from a game perspective either, since the favorites were in a great spot. The spur-of-the-moment tribal at the challenge is one of the most unforgettable moments ever on Survivor. This gave the fan’s tribe a pulse when the favorites could have kept dominating.

Dawn was on Survivor: South Pacific and Caramoan. In the Caramoan, her ally Brenda had won the loved one’s visit and picnic for herself and Dawn. However, she decided to give it to the rest of the tribe, which really pissed Dawn off.

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Dawn had the right to be upset since she wanted to spend time with her family and she was starving. She said the thought of having to spend time with her tribe mates that have full stomachs made her want to spit. However, in the context of the game of Survivor, which leans so heavily on social politics, this was 100% the correct move from Brenda’s perspective. She earned a lot of good favor from the rest of the tribe until they harshly blindsided her.

Colton is known for being probably the worst contestant in the history of the show. He quit his first time playing and returned for Survivor: Blood Vs Water, where he had another meltdown and quit again.

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Colton’s meltdown felt like it had been brewing for weeks since he constantly complained about being there. Everyone was angry that Colton quit again, especially Jeff. Jeff takes a lot of pride in Survivor and knows how hard it is for someone to get on the show, so when Colton quit again, he had no mercy. He was on the show with his boyfriend Caleb, who ironically outlasted him by a lot and was well-liked by the fans.

J’Tia was on Survivor: Cambodia and was quickly ostracized for being weak in challenges. The tension at camp rapidly escalated and J’Tia foolishly dumped the rice in the fire, so the tribe had no food.

Again, it does not matter how bad one’s situation is on Survivor, dumping all the tribe’s food is evil. She had no problem letting people actually starve because she thought she was going to be voted out. The irony in all of this is that J’Tia was not even voted out at tribal, so she had to back to camp where there was no food.

Rodney was on Survivor: World’s Apart and quickly became an entertaining player. Due to his self-deprecating attitude and unique accent, Rodney was a fan favorite. However, he had a pretty wild outburst over not being picked for a reward.

Anytime a castaway does not get picked for a reward they are upset, but Rodney had a special reason to be angry since it was his birthday. In a confessional, he expressed his displeasure as he was the only one not on the reward. All in all, however, this is one of the funniest moments ever on the show. Rodney’s yells about having to wash dishes on his birthday, while it is pouring rain are historical. Every aspect of this situation was perfect and could not have been written any better.

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