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The Voice’s Carson Daly reveals strong feelings about Blake Shelton leaving the show

Although there is still plenty of time left before the sound Season 22 announces the winner, and fans have already received some major news regarding what’s coming to the show. It was recently announced that longtime coach Blake Shelton will be leaving the series after season 23, much to the disappointment of longtime viewers. Now, series host Carson Daly is opening up, and he’s having some strong feelings.

While the sound Watching over a dozen coaches sit down and leave the red chairs, Blake Shelton has been around since the start. It was definitely fun seeing him confuse him with his fellow coaches and have some memorable moments on screen (like the time he went to fight with his wife Gwen Stefani over a contestant). It’s the end of an era, revealed by Carson Daly ET He’s not exactly excited about it:

I hate that. Obviously, he and I developed a great friendship at The Voice. I’m confused, but I understand.

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