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There's No Chance Logan Paul Beats Roman Reigns At Crown Jewel… Right?

Logan Paul is set to wrestle Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel, and WWE has done a masterful job of making fans feel like there’s at least a slight chance he could win. Without strong booking, this bout would come off as exactly what it is: a megastar from outside the business stepping into the squared circle to fight the company’s top star while cashing in on that Saudi Arabia payday. Instead, Triple H and the rest of the writing team have planted a tiny seed of doubt regarding Reigns prevailing at the premium live event.

Make no mistake: that’s still the most likely outcome here. As The Tribal Chief has reminded audiences several times over the last few weeks, it’s Logan Paul’s third match with WWE. As good as he’s been—and, like him or not, he’s been a natural and fantastic professional wrestler—it’ll still take him some time to learn how to work every week. Given his natural speaking ability, his promos will eventually get there. Still, right now, it’s tough to sell Paul as a legit challenger for the most dominant World Champion in recent memory. Yet the puncher’s chance angle is working ahead of Crown Jewel and could pay off significantly during the closing minutes of Reigns Vs. Paul this weekend.

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One aspect that makes the Crown Jewel match so compelling is that it seems like The Bloodline is crumbling around Reigns. On the most recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown, tensions between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso continued to mount. The tag-team champion, which announcers have circled back to calling Main Event Jey, stated emphatically that he doesn’t “give a damn about what the Tribal Chief said.” This led to a staredown between Jey and Roman, and it seems like a matter of time before The Bloodline engages in some breakup or civil war angle. That’s something that could play into Logan Paul’s hands in Saudi Arabia.

After Solo Sikoa interfered in Reigns’ match against Drew McIntyre at Clash At The Castle, it’d be pretty ironic for Jey Uso to cost Roman at Crown Jewel. Again, it’s not the most likely outcome of the fight, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see miscommunication between The Bloodline members almost cost Reigns his unified title. Regardless of how WWE ends up booking the finish, credit is due for making fans feel like another Reigns victory isn’t a foregone conclusion. Sometimes championship matches like this can have that kind of inevitable conclusion vibe, but that isn’t the case before Crown Jewel. Logan Paul probably won’t win, but audiences will be forced to forget that for at least a few minutes on November 5. And that’s what main-event caliber matches should all have in common. A feeling that, on any given night, anything can happen. That’s the marching orders WWE has been pressing forward with since Triple H took over in July, and it’s worked again for Reigns Vs. Paul.

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