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Walking Dead Showrunner Teases What's Next After Closing Maggie Moment

The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang teases what comes next after season 11, episode 21’s closing Maggie moment. The Walking Dead season 11 finds the core survivors in the middle of a conflict with yet another post-apocalyptic community, this time known as the Commonwealth. Publicly governed by the smart and capable Pamela Milton, behind the scenes she delegates much of the community’s day-to-day operations to the ruthless Lance Hornsby, her right-hand man who polices the Commonwealth and surrounding territories with his armed police force and a clandestine network of operatives.

The Walking Dead season 11, episode 21, “Outpost 22,” finds a large part of the core survivor group captured by the Commonwealth’s forces and sent away to outposts for hard labor and punishment. However, Maggie, Gabriel, and Rosita escape custody and reunite with Daryl and Carol, who plan to track down the Commonwealth’s prisoners and free their compatriots. In a final desperate attempt to locate the mysterious Outpost 22, where much of their people were taken, Rosita pretends to be a lost guard, places a distress call to the compound, and obtains its location. With this crucial information, Maggie exclaims, “We are going to get our kids, take back our home, and make it right. And Pamela’s never going to see it coming.”

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On the heels of the latest The Walking Dead episode, in an interview with EW, Kang teases what’s next following Maggie’s final promise of swift retribution against Pamela and the Commonwealth. The showrunner explains that the remaining free members of the group will go against the Commonwealth’s far superior fighting force with “guns blazing” as the situation intensifies in order to save their people. Read what Kang has to say below:

With Kang revealing that Maggie will attempt to find and free her son – along with the other survivors – by force, there may be an intense firefight at the gates of Outpost 22 next episode. However, with the outpost revealed to be Alexandria, but repurposed as a military garrison and prison, it is unlikely that the survivors will attempt a head-on assault. As they had lived within those walls for years, it is likely they will enter the community through a secret entrance, possibly the sewers, and use stealth to overcome a bulk of the soldiers stationed there.

However, with Outpost 22 standing as a major military compound, it is unlikely that the survivors can take all the personnel stationed there. They will need help from the inside to confuse and attack the enemy. As Negan and Ezekiel are both capable, skilled, and charismatic leaders, they can work together to incite a prisoner revolt to recapture Alexandria. With The Walking Dead season 11, which is the show’s last, swiftly coming to a close, audiences do not have to wait much longer to see if the survivors make it through their final ordeal safely.

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Source: EW

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