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It’s spooky season, and Trojans began celebrating as early as last week. From ghosts and fairies all the way to movie characters and animals, there is no limit on the options for costumes. So what really goes into choosing one?

Sophia Hammerle set out in orange and black attire to report on student’s Halloween wardrobes.

As I walked down McClintock Avenue this morning, dodging skateboards and electric scooters, it was like any other Monday on campus. Wait, was that a skeleton sitting outside the aquatic center? I stared at a guy walking toward me, trying to figure out if he was dressed up as Fred from Scooby Doo, or if he just really liked that orange scarf. Suddenly Donkey Kong was approaching me, banana in hand. Later, in class, I watched Cruella De Ville stroll past the window outside.

A smattering of USC Students wore their Halloween costumes to class today. Some were more subtle than others, ranging from pumpkin earrings to a Spiderman morph suit.

R FERARI: I am a goomba from Mario.

TOMMY LAPENNA: I’m Donkey Kong.

TIGER ZENG: Pikachu.

AVERY LONGDON: I’m a vampire today.

The diversity in costumes reflects an equal diversity in motivations behind why we dress up.

Avery Longdon, a junior studying environmental science and health, had to balance her job responsibilities with her costume.

LONGDON: I picked this costume because I have to wear business casual clothes to work, but they also told us to dress up. So I figured I could wear business casual and a vampire cape. So, you know, I’m getting a lot of things done with this outfit.

For Tommy Lapenna, a music industry major, it was more important to stand out.

LAPENNA: I want to go all out on like, everything I do. And this is just, why would I hold back here?

Working with what they already had was important to R Ferari, a third year graduate student in interactive media.

FERARI: For me, I want to go for ease, accessibility and definitely something that’s going to be unique. So not something that someone’s going to expect, but also something that I can easily get within my reach.

Tiger Zeng, a junior studying mechanical engineering and French, who participated in a group costume with the men’s rowing team, considered several factors when choosing his costume.

ZENG: For me, there’s a lot of considerations. Obviously, as a student, costs come first, but also I like the original design and the cuteness, obviously, because I’m Pikachu.

Yuri Mehta, a freshman studying industrial and systems engineering, indulged in childhood nostalgia with his costume.

MEHTA: I picked Harry Potter because it was my favorite book when I was a child.

For all the variety in costumes, what was most important to students was to embrace the opportunity to dress up as something that truly resonates with them.

LONGDON: I think you should be whoever you want to be in your costume. Halloween is one of the nights in the year where you can just like wear whatever you want and you have a really good excuse for it. So whatever is speaking to you, whether that’s scary or not, you should wear that.

Tonight is the perfect night to do so. Happy Halloween! For Annenberg Media, I’m Sophia Hammerle.

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