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Why do women get divorced? Neena Gupta told the reality, said – earlier used to tolerate but now…. – Neena Gupta talks about divorces says it is happening women are now financially independent

Neena Gupta is one such actress of B-Town, who is known for her impeccable style along with her strong acting. Neena Gupta puts her personal and professional life in front of the world without fear. Neena has now said something about divorce, which is being discussed a lot.

What did Neena Gupta say about divorce?

Neena Gupta in her latest interview has given the real reason for the divorce. The actress said that most divorces happen because many young girls are now financially independent.

In a conversation with Indian Express, Neena Gupta talked about many things. Talking about marriage, Neena said- Everyone says that it is a useless thing in today’s time, but I feel that marriage is also necessary. Neena Gupta further talking about divorce said- Young girls are now financially independent, so they do not take anything from their husbands. This is the reason why divorces are increasing. But earlier she did not have any option, she used to bear everything silently. But I also feel that marriage is a good thing in many ways.

Why did Neena Gupta want to get her daughter married?

Neena also talked about the marriage of her daughter Masaba Gupta. Actually, Masaba Gupta had said some time ago that Neena Gupta wanted to get her married as soon as possible. Talking about this comment of the daughter, Neena Gupta said- I was talking like a mother just like other normal mothers. When you go to meet your friends, they often show their children’s childhood photos and tell them a poem. They do not realize that the guests are not interested in it.

When Masaba was young, I had thought that I would not do such a thing. But the reality remained the same. I used to show her off in front of everyone. All mothers are like this. As a mother, it was also my wish to get Masaba married.

Please tell that Masaba Gupta, daughter of Neena Gupta, married a businessman in the year 2015. But the marriage of both could not last long. Masaba and her husband separated only after 4 years of marriage. There are reports that Masaba is now dating celebrity designer actor Satyadeep Mishra.

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