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Will Smith’s Oscar slap got a kid’s Halloween costume on the view, wow

It’s been seven months since the 94th Academy Awards winners were presented on ABC, however, rather than any of those gold award recipients still entering conversations regularly, the most common topic regarding that night remains when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage. Now that surprising moment has reached a new level of pop culture resonance: We turned into a kids’ Halloween costume, and we’ve got the view to thank him for that.

the view Hosts Joey Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Haines, Sunny Houston, Anna Navarro, and Alyssa Farrah Griffin, all dressed up as All Hallows’ Eve, brought show dresser Ashley Alderfer-Kauffman (who was dressed as Sadie Sync Max from Weird things) to present costumed trick-or-treaters centered on “hot topic” news of 2022, including Choco Taco, Dr. Barbie. This part of the view It ended with a young man dressed as an Oscar figurine with a red imprint on his right cheek. See for yourself!

(Image credit: ABC)

Fabulous, the view Already gone there! It would have been easier to have two kids in tuxedos stand up as Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, but why are the kids shown pretending to engage in violence on TV? At least this Oscar costume gets points for creativity and definitely screams 2022. However, unless talk of Smith’s violent acts continues on a regular basis over the next year, this is basically the first and only time a costume like this will be a huge hit. Halloween celebrations.

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